Some men will just have to marry Kungurus

Like some 40% of childless women (single mothers excluded) are kungurus.

But all of them will get married. That means some men will have to marry them. And Like most other men they won’t know their history.

They won’t know their wife had a stream of sponsors and several politicians and businessmen have ejaculated deep inside her. Not forgetting the lecturers.

All they know is that they have a beautiful yellow yellow wife

They also won’t know their wife ndio chakula ya wakubwa huko kwa job. The bosses and managers (Human resource manager, finance etc) are busy dry frying her.

The man wonders why the wife comes home takes a shower and she’s not in the mood. She’s like, ‘I’m tired I had a very busy day.’ The man googles in the internet on how to increase the wife’s libido.

Or still maybe he just entering where another man (or men) had just entered a couple of hours ago.

Wadau, some men will have to marry Kungurus. Don’t despise that girl taking lots of alcohol and kila mtu anampitia. Her friend or her maybe your future wife.

It’s a matter of luck. Or lucky you if you can get to know her history but all women, their behavior is just the same when they’re on a mission to pin down a beta male: they’re all wife material, respectable, loving etc

Question is who’ll be the one to land on a kunguru, like Diamond sang akitongozwa hajiu kukataa

Beta males always take the L.

Every other minute a sucker is born

sasa ulike a Kunguru whose habits I doubt do “fade” what about marrying that of which ako na watoi au mtoi will that be considered as kungurization

Vile tulisema, hawa watu hawana last seen. The only remedy is to be very alive to the redflags.

Kila mtu ataoa kunguru boss hata wewe. Unless you will marry a virgin. As long as you didnt find her a virgin jua tu utaoa kunguru. Hakuna otherwise.

Your future wife anaingizwa tarimbo na majamaa kadhaa as we speak yet utasimama na yeye mbele ya kanisa. Sadness of life

For me, it’s actually simple. I got a couple of girls at the moment that i got strict eyes on. 2 at the moment. Broke their virginities. Of course I’ll gather more along their way. Monitoring their behavior and everything. All are under 23. Am cock sure one will eventually turn out okay, most likely the most religious one. If they don’t turn out okay, bachelorhood staring at me and I’ll embrace. But I know for a fact decent women are still available on this country and planet in plenty, and one will be my future wifey. Can’t and won’t settle down with a kunguru, kijiji has equipped me with skills to notice one from even a mile away

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Ukitaka is manzi Safi angalia familia ya kibabi.Manzi ametoka familia poa ameenda shule bila dramas etc
Hawa chokora wengine hawana kakitu na familia haina kakitu watasumbua wewe bure
Ni rare kupata manzi ya ubabini inauza rwenyez down town

Atauza aje na akona dooh kwao?

Nimeishi Lang’ata miaka kadhaa sasa. Nimeona madem wenye ni daughters wa CS’s, daughters wa ma MD, daughters wa Magavana etc etc wenye wako very well brought up wakasomeshwa majuu, USIU na ma private universities wakidinywa mtaani left right and Centre na makonkodi wa kubebesha squad mtaani.

Ambia hizi duanzi. Dame hata atoke mwisho ya turkana,pembe lazima igrow. Thats why i appreciate siku za mababu zetu,ma dame walikua sure bet ,tandika mtu vibare ajue unampenda. Hawa wa siku hizi ni ka lottery,hujui ni nini umeangukia,gusa kidogo unajipata kamiti

Langata na buru no level Jami. Izo mtaa za kibabi kuna madem wamelelewa vipoa na kuenda shule. Manzi anachekesha konkodi unamfuaga fuata nini braze

Just like Agwambo has said, most girls from well up families are usually fvcked by lowlife men. Simply because they are overprotected by the parents and they don’t get exposed to decent guys. So they fall for touts and such who can’t be detected by parents.