Some men are lucky.................

This prophet who brainwashed Tero Mdee and married her is just lucky… Huyu dame alikua mali safi…[ATTACH=full]345433[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]345434[/ATTACH]



just another average looking woman…

crush haijawai isha gathee??

Average. Siwezilipa more than 150

Insyder zilikuwa zinachocha, come to think of it back in the day wasichana matako kubwa haikuwa mingi.

where is the luck here brother???

she is the one that’s lucky here - getting married to a man of “god”

average biatch

I prefer her sister ameanguka Naija mirrionare

one of my teenage crushes

She is not worth 500bob a night.

Hapa inakaa watu hu-date super models. Wouldn’t know it going by the Amar carcasses posted here.


Dj John was supposed to have cuffed that but had to settle for buck-toothed Amina

Amina is more beautiful and entrepreneurial than her.He made a good choice

More beautiful? Don’t worry. Your taste in women will get up there. I’ll give you entrepreneurial and hustling spirit.

Tero alikua mali safi sana. Huyu pastor cuffed her in her prime and proceeded to brainwash her thoroughly.
Siku hizi ni ka gospel artiste