some men are just pure dogs...

Police are hunting down a 32 year
old polygamous man from
Kapsambu Village in Kapkateny
Ward after he defiled a 2 year
old girl until her pelvic bone
The fool pounced on the girl
while she was sleeping in a farm
where the mother was working.
The minor’s mother told the
media that she was plucking
coffee berries as the child slept a
few metres away when the
unfortunate incident happened.
She heard the girl screaming and
rushed to see what the problem
was only to find her neighbour
who has three wives running
away while zipping up.
Area Chief, Peter Kiboi, confirmed
the incident and said that a mob
responded and beat the man to
near death but was rescued by
administration police officers
from Kapsambu who took him to
a nearby local hospital.
He escaped from hospital and the
watchmen manning the gate have
been arrested to explain how that
was possible. Kiboi added that
the girl is being treated at a
hospital in Chwele.

hii njaa imezidi…aii bibi watatu na bado mtu anahaunt mtoi…madness is an understatement…

Hio sio njaa.huyo ni fisi mtu.