Some ladies

Yesterday, I went to see my sister but she was not in, which is fine, because it’s not her I want to talk about. I want to talk about the young lady who informed me of her absence.
I was just walking away from my sister’s door after finding it locked, when this young lady walked towards me and told me that my sister had left, then extended her hand in greeting. It’s how she greeted me that is making me pen this…
The moment our hands touched, she went down, squating on a leg, and bowed her head. I was tongue tied for a moment, stupefied, lost in a second of surreal astonishment! Who in this age displays such regard for a stranger? What woman in this age curtsies to a man? But that’s really not what I want to tell you about. I want to tell you about what happened inside me in that second or two…
I wanted to know her name. I wanted to know where she came from. And I’m not talking about a drawn out thought process, I’m talking instinctive thoughts. I wanted to ask if she has any debts so I could pay them off. I wanted to ask her if she has any enemies so I could go and slaughter them. I see my friends who know me to be a pacifist coward rolling their eyes, but… Yeah. I wanted to ask if she has a good roof over her head. I wanted to know if she has any ailment causing her any discomfort so I could take her to a physician to take her pain away. I wanted to wipe away any tears from her eyes, and tell her that from this moment onwards everything will be alright. I wanted to ask if she has any fears so I could calm them, wave my hand into the winds and say “Peace, be still!” to any storms and waves trying to sink her boat…
Just for a second or two, before I snapped out of it, and walked out of there very fast without even asking who she was…
Now, I’m not saying that this is how women should greet men. Neither am I saying that women can’t take care of their problems, or that they need a man to save them. Down with patriarchy! I’m not saying women should give obeisance to males. Down with “toxic musculinity”! We know that ancient Book that suggests wives submit to husbands, and has the story of Abigail giving obeisance to David, is outdated and irrelevant to today’s society. If I say such things I will be rained on with “maturely obsidian” stones. Modern woman is woke .
All I’m saying is how I felt. Let he/she who has ears, hear what I’m not saying. Adios.



you need help contact kimakia sledgehammer under23 or all therein

I was in UG for a while and they do that alot. Lakini i just felt like whipping out my mujubeng for a bj…

ukiwa hujambeng, we ni hovyo.

good writing. except for the bible’s sweep, sina mengine. but that’s not what I want to talk about :smiley: . i want to talk about your sentence structure. …just kidding. good work.

Nice play with the queens mother tongue… Is me is can’t compose like that…but is me is has understand.

nimekupea like hata kama hekaya haijafikisha minimum village threshhold

Unatwambia tufanye nini?

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bangı sı mboga

Pure non-adulterated English

Hii kusalimiwa kama ameinama is what makes me drink at Ashaki every Saturday. It was started by a hot Burundian waitress called Nana then even the Kenyan waitresses caught up pia wanakuinamia.