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One reflecting on the current troubles in the country and where it will leave our Luo brothers, I went to the net to get some facts but found the gem copied below on wikipedia ( it is copied as found so the Osungu.dll is not mine!). The 50th anniversary of the “Russia” Hospital Massacre will be in two years time and I was wondering how many generations it will take for the wounds of that incident to heal…especially since the current goings on will open new wounds.
Is there another way perhaps?

[B]At the time, the political temperature in Nyanza was high after Jaramogi Oginga Odinga a Luo, resigned as vice president due to conflicting policies with the president. This made the Luo feel that there were plans to lock them out of government by the Kikuyu, Kenyatta’s tribe.The situation became worse when two prominent Nyanza politicians Tom Mboya and Argwings Kodhek were assassinated. This was seen as an attempt to get rid of any Luo who might have ascended to the presidency.

The President Jomo Kenyatta, visited Kisumu to open the ‘Russia’ hospital that was a pet project of Jaramogi Oginga Odinga. Most of all, he wanted to stamp his power on the region where his rule was most unpopular. He was received by a hostile crowd that waved placards written ‘Where is Tom (Mboya)?’ This implied that Kenyatta knew and/or had a hand in the death of Tom Mboya. The crowd also began to chant ‘Dume! Dume!’ which was the symbol of the Jaramogi-led opposition, KPU. This angered Jomo who told Ker Jaramogi that had they not been friends he would have crushed him like ‘maize flour’. Jaramogi said that the Luo were unhappy with Kenyatta’s leadership. As they exchanged harsh words, the crowd got hostile.

These enmity has lasted for over forty nine years down the line which has been inherited by Jomo’s child Uhuru who is the current president(2013-2017) and Jaramogi’s child Raila who is the former prime minister(2008-2013) and leader of opposition(2013-2017).This was witnessed recently when Raila called for demonstration against IBEC countrywide but action by Uhuru government to demonstrators in Luo Nyanza whereby live bullets and police brutal were used against innocent and unarmed resident of region is a clear evidence that still there is a born to chiew from this two tribes…[/B].[SIZE=7]."[/SIZE]

My question has always been, who between Kenyatta and Jaramogi benefited most from Tom Mboya’s assassination?

Wameze mate another 50. Kwani iko nini ?

Wacha tu

some questions you will never get answers …

Uliza @Mjuaji

But can I be allowed to speculate? Sijawahi sikia mahali Odingas wamewachia wengine the mantle compared na Kenyatta senior kuachia Moi.

NASA protesters were telling police to use teargas so that protests can have meaning. now they are claiming police is using exessive force …and the history continues

Even fellow luos?? :eek::eek::confused:

mzee alikuwa amewaka moto hapo 3.32…"na yeyote atakayeleta ukabila katika nchi yetu, pahali ngereza takwenda tamfuata nyuma yake akale matako yake…"hahahahaha

Imagine, and you will see them telling ''others" how selfish and tribal they have been.

Chesos ati “still there is a born to chiew” @gashwin huyu mchamaa wako bwana

Did you know that a belt decorated with various coloured beads is called a kenyatta? Now you know!

si wangu pwana.…i another place chiew ni kama kuamuka

Kenyatta Snr was forced by death ‘kuachia’ Moi. You’d be naive to think that someone who once swore never to let the presidency cross River Chania would leave it to an outsider by sheer benevolence.

Now on the Oginga’s,remember Jaramogi endorsed Kijana Wamalwa over his own son Raila for the Ford-Kenya chairmanship in the early 90’s.I guess you didn’t know that.

Mind you Mboya pushed for majimboism where there were to be 8 VPs hence putting the last nail on Jaramogi’s political career. It weakened the guy fully. Mboya also established the Trade Union oversaw the provision of scholarships to deserving Kenyans. He was also favoured by Kenyatta. The use of a Kikuyu to assasinate Mboya was a stroke of political genius since it sparked the hatred between the two tribes. Of the two i.e Mboya and Jaramogi, Mboya was a statesman and very mature. He mentored Kibaki despite the slight age difference. He also authored the Sessional Paper 2A. If truly it was Kiambu mafia who orchestrated his demise why didn’t they do so for Moi?

it was not kenyatta conspiring never to have leadership cross chania but kiambu mafia around him

He was not forced by anything. Moi obeyed Kenyatta and Kenyatta found favour in him. Moi was also a very patient and persevering person. He was also not keen on the Presidency and a good number of right minded government officials knew he was the best bet for he came from a minority tribe and was not known to be rash.

Are you saying that Kenyatta knew about his imminent death and thus had a successor in line?

Is there anyone not aware they have an imminent death?