Villagers,need some advice. My niece studied education( B.Ed) secondary option and after graduating,he has been applying to a lot of secondary school around.So this week he got a job in a certaing girls’ school and the same week he has been called for an interview in an international school that offers the British curriculum,even though he has no experience teaching that.
As villagers,which advice would you give.Should he go to the international school in case he succeeds or should he stick with the girls’ school under B.O.M

He should go for the interview but since they take ages to confirm if successful, he goes back to the girls school under B.O.M waiting for outcome…ya International school ikiivana, amonchoke.

Let him stick to the girls school. These international schools, he’ll sweat his Ass to the core due to performance challenge and since he doesnt have the vast experience.

Let him go for the interview, well if he gets to succeed …let him compare the offers .With International schools the pay is much better ,he could for example, earn five times more than in a secondary school .Given the harsh economic times he could do with a few more coins in his pocket ,furthermore if he has a TSC number ,anytime TSC jobs are advertised he could apply… (and is a he a niece or nephew):D.

Thanks,elders:D…sorry about the nephew/he/she…thingi…I should have said my nephew/he

But thanks for the all

International anytime. Most of the time we learn on the job. Wanafunzi ni wale wale.

And,wadau,kunatofauti kumbwa sana kati ya the British curriculum na hii yetu ya kenya

Based on the content taught,given he teaches Physics

International schools pay better. Teachers work hard and are well rewarded. Otherwise akitaka abaki hapo kwa B.O.M kama hana ambition

International ALL DAY.Learn their ways and curriculum as fast as possible on the job, from then on,only way will be up and up.Teaching will be a thankful job

International, though i think he may have to do some sort of assessment since it varies from kienyeji schools

Thanks villagers,I will advice accordingly.
Naona ashaanza kuchanganyikiwa aendee gani international;midas,brookhurst,na rockfield.
Though one thing I will tell him, B.O.M asahau

Hii kenya tunafanyia pesa kazi, yani tunafanya kazi ndo tupate pesa, aende interview zote na a compare salary, Then where the salary is big aende

Its 99% of the time

Aende interview na asikose kusema vile ameapply for a Master’s degree course somewhere.

Meanwhile, aingie kazi because a bird in hand is worth two in Karura