Some habits to change as citizens - Takataka

Perhaps 2020 has been an annus horribilis in many ways we look at it. On the other hand, I think we need to change our culture. ONE aspect of that is littering. Yaani mtu mzima anatupa uchafu barabarani. I was once a culprit, but that has changed.

Kwanza wale watu wa magari, you can’t just throw bottles/plastics, straws, papers, uchafu ya chakula etc anywhere. I’m amused more than annoyed. Better carry and bin them. I have in many occasions confronted people with such habits and the response has been good. We can do better…sijui ni elimu ndio shida ama nini?

Tusilie inchi ni chafu na tunachangia uchafu. Kama uko na tabia kama hiyo, wewe ni Takataka.

Let’s correct bad habits and act with dignity.
Happy new year talkers, wacha nitafte school fees.

Good thing. Tulinde mazingira. Problem is the govt isnt doing is part on this. You can walk from Railways hadi Khoja with an empty water bottle ukose kupata dust bin.

You find one, its torn at the bottom. Sasa nilipe ushuru tena niwatengenezee bins ?

Wanted to give an almost similar example

Mimi I don’t litter but I have a habit ya kukojoa Kwa barabara ovyo ovyo.:D:D:D:D
Hio tabia nataka kuiwacha 2020. 2021 lazima ni reform.

Nilikuwa kwa mat na nikaona wazungu in the car ahead littering. Hiyo kitu iliniuma lakini nikasema county yangu yenyewe inazama kwa sababu ya takataka so no need to be hypocritical.

We need corporal punishment to those who litter.

:D:D tuwache tafadhali, kuna mwingine alikojoa barabarani halafu anataka handshake. Upuss, tumelaaniwa

Naomba nipewe tips za kuwacha kuonyesha middle finger other motorist especially those who wrong me.
I want to be humble next year,continue with humbleness that 2020 has afforded me

:D:D:D boss, funga dirisha weka ac (kama iko), endelea na safari…focus on the motorist infront and be calm. Just ignore…some react because, sometimes, they have nothing to lose. Lakini judgement muhimu.

I find it irritating whenever I see fellow motorist especially ones driving Land cruiser V8 or Range rover littering the streets, I really can’t wrap my head as to how someone with money to purchase such above ordinary car can do that.

I think we need to make the punishments as strict as possible. Only this works. You can take an example from Singapore. There are such complex and serious laws and rules, and also such high fines even for banal chewing gum - that there is an ideal order and this is the format that really works.
Of course, we can go the other way: use social videos, some articles, etc. in order to deal with this problem. But such loyal jobs are not productive enough that you can actually handle it quickly and efficiently.
Well, as for ourselves - yes, we can really fix a lot on our own. But if it works at the state level, it will be much better.

In fact, this is a rather large and serious problem that really deserves more serious solutions and a more comprehensive format of prohibitions and punishments that would regulate everything that happens in our society. Although if you look from the other side, you can remember that in the first place everything depends on us, because if each of us stops doing this, then everything will become much easier, because it is easier to maintain cleanliness and order if no one does not create pollution - that’s a fact. So be careful, remember that we create our own environment and we can always change everything for the better, the main thing is that we ourselves remember this.