Some countries will not last for long

Saudi Arabia is not going anywhere. Kenya will have completely degenerated into tiny tribal zones long before Egypt disintegrates. Especialky if the US and Europe falls. The first thing is the Wahabi Sunnis will take over the coast and northern frontiers, very wanton, shameless bloodshed we will see. The only area that will have a government of sorts is central Kenya. Eastern, Riftvalley, Nyanza/ Western will become a pitiful pack of ssquabbling feifdoms.

Why are you so pessimistic? Are you living in a failed marriage or suffering from a fatal illness?

Unlikely scenario in Kenya as none of these regions are viable on their own.

When Kenya will be dead broke no one will want to associate with a corrupt country that gives you nothing

There was a document by Kenya institute of policy I think,it was hypothetic but it clearly described 11 likely scenarios on the future of Kenya,I can say Kenya dodged the bullet but we are not yet there.

Divisive elections and sharing of national resources are issues not yet exhaustively addressed

In that analysis he hasn’t factored in other factors peculiar to Africa.Like what happens to the Suez canal once African countries manage to link east coast to West coast via railways?what happens to regional blocks?

Africa might be the future instead as it learns to trade with herself.The only possible other thing is new countries in Africa

If the US falls, this will happen. We do not have any leader in Kenya who can hold it together. None. If you had told Nigerians that a wahabi group would invade a whole province, decapitate civilians and shut down schools, they would not have believed you.

Learn to live alone, unlock yourself from the system

Mt Kenya region will unite and form our independent country. We shall invite the Kamba and other interested parties to our republic

We shall invite Kambas? Hahahaaa… African tribes are not like that. By that time much of Kitui will be locked in a bloody struggle with shiftas from across the Tana. A few guys from Makueni will go assist. From history, the Kikuyus have mostly helped themselves so nothing much will be expected from them on that end. They will likely recede into their central cocoon and defend from there. Except may be for a few areas in Kangundo and Machakos, kaos at large identify more with coastarians than they do with the Kikuyu. If the USA collapses or abandons Africa, this will come to pass. I am not kidding you. Asians and Arabs will colonize large parts of Africa.

so mnajaribu kusema muslims will start invading all non muslims ? …sounds plausible !

Sisi Wakikuyu hatutakubali direct colonisation tena. We would rather die!

I know. Mungu tu asaidie waafrika

Mtatoa wapi interested parties

Those who will be willing to join our republic