Some Chill 2020 Movies You Might Have Overlooked

Love and Monsters
A non-serious journey of a wimp through treacherous land to find his lost love.

Feels Good Man
A documentary about the origin Pepe the Frog and how he ended up as a symbol of hate and the resulting effort to save him… it?

Palm Springs
Light, humourous version of Edge of Tomorrow.


The Wolf of Snow Hollow

Phineas and Ferb - Candace Against the Universe
I’m down for anything Phineas and Ferb.

Timmy Failure : Mistakes Were Made

“It’s obviously a case of industrial sabotage. They must’ve known the Failure Mobile is the key to my success.”

I Hate Suzie
I am all about low-concept tv shows: SMILF, You’re the Worst, Married, Fleabag, Frayed, Modern Love - etc. I can’t promise you’ll like the lead… or the feminism ideas getting hammered into your head… The tail end of the season is quite good though.

Speaking of Frayed, Diane Morgan aka Philomena Cunk is in it so if you’re a fan…

check out Boss Level if you loved Palm springs.

You have great taste in media!

Nikiona Phineas and Ferb nakumbuka tu ile wimbo ya S-I-M-P squirrel in my pants

All these look like films that a ga.y democrat couple would watch as they await the homosexual scenes that remind them they also belong.

Wacha nicheki xvideos imepost video gani mpya

Wakati mwengine tulia.

Just watched. Super entertaining for laid back watching. “Sir Osis of Liver”.

I wish there was more in the final speedrun (if I can call it that) instead of easily mowing down everyone with a spinning maching gun. Would have been cool to see him, with the hindsight … and foresight, countering all those guys at the same time.

exactly, even in the movie Lucy, i was disappointed how she just tossed the guys away when she was about to get to 100%.
it would have been interesting to see them fight it off rather than just toss/machine gun them down.

but interesting movies.


mi hupenda hii ya Doof

BBI is a platypus

This is the one that stuck got stuck in my head.

not bad.
the songs countdown videos usually has one wondering which one is the best.

for those with kids, this is a very good cartoon

Yep. I don’t think I’ll ever stop watching cartoons. I probably got about 300GB of cartoons. Old and new.

good for you.

me i just watch on youtube.
downloading and storing all of them would require lots of space.

but cartoons will always be enjoyable and relaxing to watch.