Some Beta Ametuambia Tumpele Kuchukua Bibi

Hii December nimekuwa on a roll kufanya vitu zinanifurahisha. Niko kujibamba bila waswas. Leo tuko ndani ya suits in scorching sun kusaidia some bonobo get a wife. Let’s see how it ends. Will it be premium tears? I don’t know. Wishing them well in their family life and good health to their kids. He is a childhood friend and I am so happy for him hata kama sipendi hii maneno mingi ya waafrika. The music is thudding, the women fertile for planting, loins filled awaiting emptying. Tumekuja njaa ndio tukule sawa saw a.

looks ike some hamlet in Western Kenya

What is a hamlet?

And the bride will carry high the marriage certificate to announce to the world the jackpot she just won after the bishop pronounce them husband and wife. And that is how the boy child is put on permanent wheelchair, he will forever loath this day in future

Another one bites the dust,No?

If I could go back in time I’d convince my dad to sign a pre nup before marrying my step mom. I don’t mind marriages but pre nup lazma wadau wah!!

Leta hekaya

I like the role of tasting all delicacies presented, hapa ni wapi in - laws (oche) are lining up like kids. You should be in a large room or tent dismantling food.
Hiyo cheki maneno ni ya kufetch urgent supplies and reward ni eating visitors table leftovers.

Hii ni grand entrance. Hauingii tuu fwaaa!!

My dad seperated from my biological mum when I was like 5or 6 (they weded traditionally) fast forward when I was shipped to boarding school my dad weded another woman now my stepmom. Like six months in they had a kid who died barely after two months. Eight months later my dad died when I was in boarding school. He had been in hospital for two weeks but still they came for me from school the day he died. Fast forward. The court granted my stepmother the administrator to my dads assets and she allocated every single asset to her. you can only trust yourself. that partner you think ‘can take a bullet for you’ might be putting on a show ndyo msign hiyo marriage certificate. Give her the real test by demanding a pre nup my friends. You’ll thank me later!

Pole sana. God will bless you. Pre-nup ni muhimu sana. Kwanza in today’s world where the marriage institution is under serious attack. I am a huge supporter of a pre-nup and DNA testing.

Wewe umesign?

Magaribi, is that you in a suit with the longest kisogo

Kuna kitu unaficha. What you are telling us ni ile kitu mama yako alikwambia. As a man, you need to ask yourself why your dad had to marry another woman. No man just wakes up one day and decide to disinherit his first family.

Brilliant. How then was I able to take a photo of my kisogo?

Yes we have an arrangement in place. If SQ ever arrives zangu hakuli n’go.

Why did your dad separate from your biological mum?

Who has more wealth?

I think I provided an answer to your query. Can’t provide anymore than that coz for starters this thread is about other things.