Somalis are the bravest and most revengeful africans

Somalis are the bravest and most revengeful africans, they are not docile and passive unlike kenyans and other Africans. Somalis would never take this shit in the video like these docile and passive Ugandans, they would have killed the racist jungu;

good for them.

Are we talking about the niggas who’ve been starving for the last 30 years?

Are we talking about the niggas who have been killing each other for the last 30 years?

Are talking about the niggas who can’t run a simple gavament and have to be occupied by armies from 6 other African countries?

Are we talking about the niggas we took pity on and gave refuge at Dadaab (1.5 million turned up)?

Are we talking about the niggas who drown like rats in the Red Sea?

Are we talking about the niggas whose 98% of women have undergone FGM?

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarghhhhh, nimechoka kuuliza. Mtu mwingine aendelee…

Are we talking about niggas who always cough and spit out a thick sputum when talking? Ati agggggggggg, agggggggggg, gigggggggg… Ptu!

99.9% of somali men are alpha males…

Are we talking about the fellas so uncouth that when a relative welcomes them in his modern house he comes to find they have lit a wood fire on his tile floor?

I find this thread rather myopic,tribalistic,islamophobic and tasteless that even ktalk mod is spewing hate

Islam imekujia wapi?

I can forgive Somalis anything except that stupid shit their women apply. The other day at Telposta I almost suffocated to death in a lift holding my breath…aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Nyani akikosa kufikia matunda anaanza kutoa matusi…hapo huwes karibia…pure and clean…they wash their bodies five times a day

Lets have unbiased ktalk…leo wakikuyu wakitusiwa Gashwin utaleta kisirani hapa…but here you are…

There is an hilarious video on youtube, girls in the UK hate Somali’s and they say Somalia has the ugliest men in the world hahaha,

here you go

One day on assignment in northern Kenya we arrived at a small town near isiolo/wajir border called Merti tired, thirsty and hungry at one in the night. There was no hotel open. Our contact took us to his house where the wife graciously cooked a huge lump of ugali and some thin tea. We dived into the meal voraciously and all was well until one of us pointed out “na Hii ugali iko na tumarashi”.
Out flew our appetites.
We could all feel the marashi but each one was persevering coz of the way we were hungry.
You see, unga has this was of absorbing the smells in the environment and so this one was packed with hiyo marashi…

Somalis don’t care, Somalis are loyal to their women and so is their women to them, but with other africans whenever they get the opportunity they will date jungu partners. In U.K the black population is dying out because they all date white partners and there are now more mixed kids being born than black.

Siku zile wakikuyu hutusiwa wewe huwatetea?

But seriously, are we talking about the niggas who believe they’ll get 72 virgins in heaven if they blow themselves up killing other people???

I’ll be the first one to admit you have fly chicks. Lakini hiyo kitu wanajipaka HAPANA. Smells like skunk.

Halafu 98% hakuna switch…

We are talking of niggas whose ladies fear water that why they are on marash 24/7.


Bingwa una handles ngapi