Somalis are not Arabs - here is the proof.

I came across this article published in 1866 about the origin of the Somalis. I know @Bingwascrotum will be angry but facts are facts as they were recorded in 1866. Note that somalis in southern somalia, ethiopia and kenya are of the Darod (Tarood) tribe/clan.


On the Origin of the Somali Race, which inhabits the North-eastern portion of Africa, By Col. C. P. Eigby. (1866.]

The Somali have a tradition that their ancestors emigrated from Hadramaut to Med, from which place their descendants gradually spread over the country they now occupy, having driven out the original Galla inhabitants. They ascribe the origin of the present tribes to three persons, named Isacc, Tir, and Tarood. Isacc they consider to be the progenitor of the three principal tribes - the Habr gir Hajis, Habr Awul, and Habr tul Jaitah. [COLOR=rgb(226, 80, 65)]According to this tradition, Tarood was originally from Africa ; and they consider that the tribes descended from him are of Negro origin. [COLOR=rgb(226, 80, 65)]These are the Majertein, Wur Sungulli, Dhol Bahanta, and Wogadin.

The Somali are a pastoral race, possessing large herds of cattle, and flocks of the Doomba or fat-tailed sheep. They subsist chiefly on the produce of their flocks and herds. On the east coast they cultivate a great deal of grain, and lead a more settled life, dwelling in towns and villages. Those tribes which inhabit this part are much taller and more robust than the inhabitants of the comparatively barren country further north.

The Somali tribes differ much in feature and general appearance, some being much lighter in colour than others; but all speak the same language, and differ but slightly in manners and customs. Each tribe is quite independent, and is governed by its own sultan or girad, whose authority is little more than nominal. Feuds constantly occur between the various tribes; and, being a very warlike, independent race, bloody fights often occur. Their arms consist of a light spear about six feet in length, a shield of rhinoceros hide, a long, straight, two-edged dagger, and a bow with arrows poisoned with the juice of a tree called “gergalla”. Firearms are scarce, and seldom used by them. In addition to the long heavy spear, they usually carry a short light one for throwing.

They are bigoted Mohammedans, and very strict in the observance of the ceremonies of their religion ; yet, strange to say, they do not seclude their females, and both sexes join together in merry dances and other amusements. According to their own tradition, they were converted to the Mohammedan faith by a messenger from Umr, one of the chiefs of the Koreish tribe.

In addition to the Mohammedan festivals and fasts, they observe some which have probably an earlier origin than their present faith. The chief of these is the festival of “Dubsheed” or new year’s day, literally the Bonfire, which they celebrate with feasting and dancing round large bonfires. They are passionately fond of singing, dancing, and mirth in every form. They attach great importance to the rite of circumcision, which they consider the most important observance of their religion; it is usually performed between the ages of four and eight.

The houses of the Somali are generally built in the usual African fashion, circular, constructed with leaves and reeds covered with skins and mats. These are, however, generally used by the wandering tribes; when settled in towns, they construct stone houses in the Arab fashion, with flat roofs. The furniture consists of a mat couch, a few brass or earthen cooking utensils, large earthen jars for holding milk, a prayer carpet, and a wooden rest for the head when sleeping. The same custom of female circumcision prevails among the Somali as among the Abyssinians.

The Somali language has not the slightest resemblance to either the Arabic, Amharic, Galla, or Sowahili languages. From the interaction with the Arabs, many Arabic words have been added to it; but the construction of the language is not influenced by them.

[COLOR=rgb(226, 80, 65)]I consider that the Somali are an original unmixed African race.


Claiming that Somalis are Arabs is like claiming that Taitas are European

People are what they themselves say they are.
There are even Nyeuthis who are convinced they are white British aristocrats.

[SIZE=5]He is known as the ‘Duke of Kabeteshire’ because of his English mannerisms. [/SIZE]
Being the son of a collaborator, Njonjo was far removed from the struggles of Kenyans and he may as well have been white. His hatred for his kind was to the extent that he could not find a suitable African girl to marry including those from royalty since he served during the Jomo Kenyatta era.

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  1. "QUOTE:

On the Origin of the Somali Race, which inhabits the North-eastern portion of Africa, By Col. C. P. Eigby. (1866.]"

The somali race… not african race

  1. “The Somali have a tradition that their ancestors emigrated from Hadramaut”

Hadramaut is in yemen… an Arab land

I have said time and time again… you cannot assign race based on skin color alone … you guys just don’t get it.

arabs were originally black

And to add to that somali and arabic fall in The same language family