Somalia vs Kenya

Ata kama gazeti ni ya kufunga nyama, @sani what did you say we should expect in 7weeks


Why stay there complaining about your ex? Just look for another suitor and move on! Somali is not the only girl in the pool.

Stick to the topic

Who is African Useless to warn anyone about anything?:smiley:

Its basically a dumping ground for political losers like Raila and Kalonzo. A fitting successor to the dictators club that was OAU.

Huyo rais wa zoomalia atakunjwa kama Samaki hivi karibuni. Yuasahau familia yake,biashara zake na pia usaidizi aliopata kutoka kenya ndipo apate mamlaka ya urais. Tumpe mda awaze kikamilifu yaweza kuwa ana 2nd wife syndrome kwa sababu haya matakwa yake yameanza baada ya kenya kuungana na wenzake somaliland.
Kawaida ya wasomali ni matusi, vitisho na domo kila wakati,tunaishi nao na kuwafahamu sssanaaaaa. Kaka yetu bingwa twamfahamu kama mfano mkubwa huyo rais hana tofauti.

WQhere was AU When Zimbabwe was being subjugated by the West? Where was AU whn Gaddafi was Being ousted and Killed? Where has AU been all this time as DRC is being looted by Foreigners? MEFFI WAO.

But the bulk of AUs funding comes from those foreigners. US, EU, Canada, China. Even the AU headquarters was built by China and it is supposedly bugged.

AU is impotent. It does not do what it resolves.

SADLY TRUE. Afrika will be raped dry and when everything is depleted we shall be left with nothing to show for it while they mine the the solar system which by the way until now no African country ha been able to send anything tangible to space. I cry for the black Race I cry for Mother Afrika. God forbid we be the most backward continent and the biggest consumers of manufactured goods.

If there was ever an inept organization in this world…

We should withdraw our charcoal selling troops, let those animals in zoomalia have fun killing each other.
The monkeys in refugee camps wapewe fare ya boda warudi kwao…
Air force should carpet bomb eastleigh we get rid of those days once and for all…

Most people are peace loving but we have leaders who benefit in chaos. Carpeting bombing people will further aggravate the situation and fuel more hatred and radicalization.

I don’t like them but i think this is too extreme. I’d rather they be kicked out and go join zoomalia.

Hii swali ya 7 weeks twaingoja jibu mno

The arrogance stems from a disdain to our ‘fake’ God as opposed to the mighty Allah, which is basically a load of rubbish considering the religion is a result of Sarah’s jealousy…allegedly

Walisemaje kuhusu zile oil blocks za lamu? Ati by 2020 Kenya will be landlocked haha shock on them kesi inasundwa hadi 2026 uko. Wasomali, wanaijeria, African Americans na wajaluo have one thing in common; they love running their mouths but they are the biggest cowards ever once you pay attention and start isolating them one by one…

Wewe ni fala

They should take that arrogance to their country.

The anti Somali rhetoric is catching on quick

Let it catch on. I hope it goes beyond the borders particularly in countries where somalis participated in slave trade like tanzania and mozambique.