Somali Govt breathing Fire

Somali tells KDF under Amisom to leave in 168 hours…how will they enforce that??? :D:D:D:D

Waende wameiba makaa yakutosha

Let’s go to war. Heshima idumu

I am all for it. Get our boys out of that shithole, and line them up on the Kenya Somalia Border. Send all refugees back bila notice. Mtu akileta nyefnyef North Eastern ama Eastleigh, Copper mara moja.

If this letter is real then they have escalated the dispute further… It’s not only AMISOM but ALL KENYANS in somalia

Issa fake

fake fake fake

Tupa wasomali out of Kenya

we don’t have money to feed the poor tutatoa wapi pesa ya kusustain war?

iyo pesa ya referendum tulipie izo jamaa fare back to their cradle

Somalia is doing what any other sovereign country is supposed to do

Fake news and fake letter

Wakwende…kwanza Eastleigh waria hawajui kiswahili vizuri ata kama yuko na ID ya Kenya arudi kwao speedy!

Alafu tufunge Daadab officially, KDF wakuje kwa border.

Very legit .

Biting the hand that feeds you, close the diplomatic ties and treat them as enemies. Kenyatta, unfortunately isn’t the provocative guy like Putin

hope this is rumor

mnyambo ya punda, BTW KDF should just leave and garrison the border instead. Wakwende na huko thankless wariahs.

Nitasema tena, we’re not in Somalia because of their interests, we’re there coz of our interest that is the Jubaland buffer zone. Even if this letter is real, and it isn’t FYI, Mogadishu can’t order us out. Only the Jubaland president Mahammed Madhobe can. Sahii yuko ndani ya mfuko yetu ya shati throwing expletives towards Mogadishu

Jubaland is not a sovereign state. The international community still recognizes Somalia as a single country.

The Kenyan government should support the split of Somalia into different independent territories, particularly the independence of Jubaland. Divide and conquer. Then cut a deal with the new leaders of Jubaland.

The last time Somalia started playing such games, they provoked Ethiopia and started the Ogaden War. The outcome? Almost the entire Somali military was annihilated by the Ethiopians which eventually led the Somali civil war.