Somali camel herders now invade Meru kill a person

Na bado. Si mliweka watu wao kwa security dockets?

They will do what they want na hakuna place mtawapeleka. Mkichoka kuumia mseme Mungiki wafike huko kuwakilisha.

Looks like they will colonize us someday for the second time

They will but not for long. Kenyans are kind and accommodating but they have a limit. There is also nothing that unites Kenyans more than a common enemy.

Doesn’t history point towards Bantus being guests of the Cushites?

We’re going to have a Boko Haram- like situation on our hands very soon because of drought.

So you telling us bh in 9jo was triggered by a drought?
Dont tell us a car comes from the sea and a wig from heaven;)

I foresee the re-emergence of vigilant groups and alot of lawlessness in the near future.

BH was definitely exacerbated by drought conditions (climate change) in Northern Nigeria.

Long time ago before the pokots possessed the guns, they were using self made bows and arrows to fight their enemies. They applied a very strong traditional poison on arrow tips, any slight bruise to the skin to complete the blood- poison contact was a sure way of sending someone to his maker.
It was irreversible.

Those trees whose parts are boiled to produce that poison are still available.

More like the fulani herdsmen conflict

Killing is a normal thing kwa hawa pastoralists, in the last two month alone turkana killed fifteen boranas including children, samburu killed seven somalis, a number of turkanas and samburus were also killed by somalis and boranas. Huko marsabit pia nilisika kuna watu waliuliwa. Pokot pia, boranas and somalis pia waliuana huko garbatula

Weh…where is the source for this. Kusema ukweli sijaskia most of these cases.

Kuna uzi flani nimeambia watu huu ukweli mchungu. Ni kwa kimungumungu nilikuwa keshavaa kofia.

Duale saidia thuraku [ATTACH=full]473997[/ATTACH]

militias will have to be formed elders.

I told fuckers here not to celebrate as they killed us here at kitui , I told them siku yao itafika .
You can’t fight people who want to die in a battle field to be rewarded with 70 virgins and a tireless dick . Death to them is victory . I ran @Jimit , I ran like nonsense for my life and here I am drinking balozi

Somalis are some entitled ferkers. U give them an inch they will take everything. Hii mambo ya jambas kuwapea security docket will bite us

Hii ran inamaanisha nini mkamba mjinga illiterate ?

Haimaanishi kupeana mcoondur large ukipanua na soft hand .inamaanisha kukimbia [ATTACH=full]474135[/ATTACH]