Somali-British Refugee Convicted For Travelling With A UK Born Child To Kenya To Perform FGM

A woman has been found guilty of taking a three-year-old British child to Kenya for female genital mutilation (FGM).

Amina Noor, 39, is the first person to be convicted of assisting a non-UK person to perform FGM.

Noor, from Harrow in north-west London, took the child to a private house for the procedure in 2006.

She had told the Old Bailey the mutilation is done for cultural reasons and was a procedure she herself had undergone as a child.

Noor, who was born in Somalia but has British citizenship, will be sentenced on 20 December.

It was only in 2015 that the girl - who is now aged 21 and who cannot be identified - confided to a schoolteacher that she had suffered FGM and police were informed.

Following an examination at University College Hospital in 2019 it was found that the girl’s clitoris had been completely removed.

Woria wanatoka US na UK kukatwa Kilgoris bado na sidhani itawai isha.


Over 18s or over 21s should be allowed to undergo the cut, this is a potentially lucrative tourism market. Kenya is an attractive destination for Western moslem women, consulates ziko hapa kwa wingi, kuna relative peace, the local currency is weak, we have a relatively well developed financial infrastructure, Islam is widely practiced shida tu ni moral police wengi hasa wale this is “unafrican”, alafu ukiwauliza wafafanue “african”…

This was an innocent 3 Year old INFANT

These primitive , backward , nonsense rituals imposed on a defenceless Child must be severely punished to the full extent of the Law …

She is a unfit parent
That Child should be taken into appropriate tFoster Care until she is 18 years old
And that woman should be in Jail …
NGAMIA Kabisa … !!! :rage: :rage:

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A goat fucker woman whose glitoris isn’t cut can be rowdy huko majuu which is against moha-mad

Bingwa scrotum alifanyiwa MGM mkia genital mutilation. Alitolewa ngozi ya mkia

Alshabab ni watu maumbwa sana.

Old biach gets everything she wants in life and still reverts back the oppressive traditions.

No wonder after giving Muslim refugees a place to call home they start demanding strict Sharia laws.


When you allow zoomali to infest your country wanakuletea shida tupu. Si FGM, si kuzaana kama panya, si kuhongana left, right and centre, si kuitana na kujaa kwa neighbourhoods. Zoomalia now supposedly has peace. Let’s round up the mofos and send them back there to build their country watuondokee.

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Kuna Mother in law alishikwa pia, she sneaked into the ward, and circumcised her daughter who was recovering after giving birth. Was it in the Yues or UK? I’ll get the specifics.

Moslems are a funny bunch of entitled morons.

They are refugees in the West saying their customs and religious beliefs are not being respected and they are being oppressed…

In the Gulf , blacks are suffering in bondage, facing daily abuse and rape …
And not even allowed to own a Bible …
I fell nothing for any Islamist …:rage:


Walalo ako Sawa.

Akikumbuka vile vinembe huwashawasha walio navyo na kuwafanya wasitulie, heri azibe ufa.

The World Health Organization refers to Female Infibulation as Type III FGM.
It is often called pharaonic circumcision or farooni in countries where it is practiced.

It refers to the removal of the inner Labia Minora and outer Labia Majora and the suturing of the Vulva.
It is usually accompanied by the removal of the Clitoris Glans.

This practice is concentrated mainly in Djibouti , Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, and Sudan.
During a 2014 survey in Sudan, over 80 percent of those who had experienced any form of FGM had been sewn closed.

Various forms and variations are practised around the Africa and other parts of the World.


The procedure leaves a wall of skin and flesh across the Vagina and the rest of the pubic area.
By inserting a twig or similar object before the wound heals, a small hole is created for the passage of urine and menstrual blood.
The legs are bound together for two to four weeks to allow healing.

The Vagina is usually penetrated at the time of a woman’s marriage by her husband’s Penis, or by cutting the tissue with a knife.
The Vagina is opened further for childbirth and usually closed again afterwards, a process known as defibulation (or deinfibulation) and reinfibulation.

Infibulation can cause chronic pain and infection, organ damage, prolonged micturition, urinary incontinence, inability to get pregnant, difficulty giving birth, obstetric fistula and fatal bleeding.

Now that you all know what is clearly involved …
We can continue the discussion here on the merits or otherwise of this very backward , barbaric practise and whether it is appropriate for a 3 year old child for purely local Customs reasons.

The same way homosexuality, prostitution, abortion,… is accepted in that hypocritical country is the same FGM is an adored Somali cultural practice.

The only mistake she did was doing it in Somalia while staying in that immoral & contaminated land.

Let’s quit the gross hypocrisy

Homosexuality , Prostitution , Abortion , Lesbianism , Child Sex , Human Trafficking , “Honour Killings” , Slavery , FGM and all manner of depravity exist in Iran , Afghanistan , Saudi Arabia , Yemen , Pakistan and Sudan …
All so-called “Champions of Allah” and the Islamic Faith

Speaking now purely as a Human Health Solutions Provider

  • Of what benefit is the butchering of a female sex and reproduction organ …???
    ( … especially that if a 3 year old Baby …)
  • What “training” , facilities , equipment , certifications and Medical skills do those performing these horrific operations possess …??

I personally have assisted Senior Surgeon Specialists in urgent interventions to halt Hemorrhage , serious Infections and fix tissue tears that were a result of botched FGM initiatives and Childbirth …

Note to ADMIN:
I have graphic clips of a young Egyptian girl undergoing a forced Clitoridectomy ( cutting of the Clitoris) and one from Sudan of a young girl undergoing forced Infibulation ( Stage 3 FGM ).
Cruel , noisy and not pleasant to view.

Tools of the Trade:
images (13)_1

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images (1)_5

So …
Take care on what you champion here in ignorance …
FGM is of no redeeming value whichever way you look at it:rage::rage:

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FGM is just crude and is indicative of basic instinct level intelligence quotient society that worships and glorifies evilness and cruelty.

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Interestingly …
Note the worst Offenders are among Nations that claim to be examples of high Religious , Ethical , Moral amd Community Standards …

Ngamia Kabisa , All of them … !!! :rage: :rage:

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Ukiambia a Western liberal hio utaitwa MAGA, racist and Islamaphobe :rofl:

I call a spade a spade …
The ill treatment of African guest workers in the Gulf is testament enough …
And all that hypocrisy is hidden behind Islam …

They want to wear Veils and practice their religion freely in the West …
Yet they will not allow Christians to construct Churches or even import Bibles in Saudi Arabia , Afghanistan and Iran …

Ngamia Kabisa … :rage: :rage:

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“Vinembe Kuwasha” is a normal phenomenon and not unique to Somali Women only …

If they care to look beyond their Weak , Miraa Chewing Men , they will find competent Booty Mechanics ready to offer a proper “Service” program …:grin: