Solving the City Garbage problem

Singapore has a working solution

And it is cheaper to implement than giving “perks” to Governors , buying new vehicles for Zakayo Bin Danganya , Riggy Gee and Mudavadi and buying a new Presidential Jet.

The add-on benefits are :-

  • a cleaner environment
  • quality employment opportunities
  • additional cheap Electricity into the National Power Grid.

And most important, over time , the project pays for itself …!!!

But as usual
No one will even consider the idea without the usual 20% kickbacks to the Shareholder Hustler Conmen Leadership …

Ngombe Kabisa:rage::fire:

What is your verdict on Africans?

Comparing apples and oranges

I pray one day this happens in kenia :kenya:

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Tell us how Kisumu, siaya, homa bay, migori are solving the garbage problem.

Even Kigali City Council are doing a better job than “Dimples” Sakaja and his band of Misfits , Thieves and Clowns …

Bure Kabisa …!! :rage:

Niaje injinia. Sirkal ya ruto inapeleka construction industry aje

Like everything else, costs have skyrocketed… And difficulty of conducting business ime kua juu as well… But we hope for the best…

You realize serikalis cronies wako kwa soft life. Tenders zinapewa who is who

Niggas are filthy by nature

Trickle down isn’t really working…

Let’s say… Polly ameiba 500mill…nd wants to build… When taking in quotes… Ata finya and choose the cheapest suppliers… Since kila mtu ana taka job… Or just buy directly from china or china man…

Another thing I’ve observed ni nepotism… Wengi wata weka family in crucial roles despite limited knowledge thus undermining your role… Which translates to your fee bieng split up to accommodate such…