Solving a Rubiks cube

Any listers here managed to solve one of these things on a regular basis:
this is a regular 3x3x3 rubiks cube. I can only manage to make one side complete and the others will still have scrambled colours.
But after watching this video below, I am feeling quite ashamed. The guy is solving a 7x7x7:

Same boat here, look for a discovery channel video on youtube of a guy doing it blindfolded. You will kill yourself!

My older bro has become a person of doing these things. He can solve the this kawaida one and now he has moved on to other…this are the ones he acquired a week ago:
the weird black and white ones are called ghost cubes. Because of their irregular shape they are even more convoluted to solve.

I do it in less than 2 mins. My 6yr old also solves it (albeit after some struggle). I read somewhere that its an issue of right/left brain, nothing technical. Most of us were born left brainers but life changed us. Thats why a child can solve it effortlessly but struggles as an adult without success.

@nairobilay, where can i get that one?

My bro isnt in the country. So those arent sourced locally. I havent seen any of them around, But you should be able to get them online.

Hahaha kutuchocha nayo…aint no way that is true niccur


I know people who do it in secs. As around man!

:D:DCould have said that lakini naambiwa na tusi wanawake ama shemales.

Cud be true cz i have a cousin of mine whom we consider a geek…i think hes like 20 or thereabout he cleared highskul juzi from upperhill…
Ni mnoma chess hes into astronomy,hez been to brito like twice while in h.skul as an exchange student and for some chess tourna…
This ka boy with his thick lensed glasses does the cube in less than 2mins! Yes hes that good!

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Bought one… gave up after a week of trying.