solve this

Mboss … watu wanajaribu ku-solve ma shida za dry spell, wee unatuletea shida za hesabu


15 +15 + (-1) =30

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Notify me when you find the answer, niko busy nikitafuta pesa ya kulewa jioni.

Mboss,I could be wrong but methinks your Indian education taught you wrong priorities. If you spent half the time looking for mbeca instead of asking wierd questions,I bet you would be one rich bugger…
Oh,and before you stary going on and on about what am doing here replying to ya silly questions,be informed that I already met my target cash income for today…

15 + 9 + 3!

3! == 6

You should sue your maths teacher to get a refund, chap chap!

jamaa wa kamiti, hebu fafanua hii tamthilia

13,7 15,3 1 if the commas mean dots as used in other economies.

Huwes add 3 odd number zikuwe even number.

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I’mma break it down like the Engineer i am.

oh wait…
mbona hamna jibu huku leo?

Haha I almost thought you are bright till I realized you far from the truth

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Hio hesabu yako ni ya majuu brathe