Sold a phone to a minor

I sold a phone from my shop with receipt and everything to a boy who was under age only to happen that the boy had stolen the money.
Wazazi walikuja wanatishia they will report to the police and stuff, how legal is it, and how do i handle such a case because they want to return the used phone for refund

Wambie goods once sold cannot be returned

Kama iko kwa receipt hapa hakuna kesi

Take the phone back but at 75% price. Tell them somebody else already wanted the phone but walked away. Legally there’s nothing they can do.

Kwa hivo there’s no law against selling a communication device to a minor

ni minor bro

Kumbuka ni minor bro

Yenye inanishtua kindandani ni venye ni minor

You didn’t sell alcohol, weed, cigarettes or guns…you didn’t solicit for inappropriate behaviour.

I take your advice ju actually i will have to resell the phone as a second had phone

Kwani phones are sold to over 18 pekee?

Uko na kesi bro, It is not illegal per se to sell consumer goods to a minor. However, minors typically cannot enter into a contract. if their guardian says there was no contract, there was no contract. Kubali msolve maneno coz if they are determined they will run you through the wringer. Mwishowe utatoboka au kama wana connections uwekwe ndani. Don’t underestimate or overestimate people. Waambie huwezikubali simu juu ishawekwa sim card but you can organize for someone to buy it as a second had

There was no contract here. It’s just like selling sweets to kids in a kiosk. Ama milk. He did no wrong. I mean, what will the charge be? But as goodwill I advise to take the phone back but at partial charge.

Uliza mushienzi @dingoo_wa_ingoo akupee free legal advice.
Though hawa watu hukimbia kuthreaten kuita polisi most times huwa fukara tu.
Hakuna polisi atakubali kuleta kinyambis kwa shop yako bila bribe ya at least thao, of which bado ni hasara kwa mwenye kushtaki. The police use such opportunities to extort money from both parties. Let them understand that if they call them, both of you will suffer.
Waambie wakubali hiyo deal ya @Simiyu22 ama waite hao makarao.

Contracts do not have to be written ama oral. They can be implied like in this case. Another example is ukiingia kinyozi and seat, the moment the barber starts shaving you and you don’t push back, that right there is a contract and you now owe the barber.

What if he says the boy told him he had saved his pocket money for three months to buy the phone…or the money was given to him by the parents who had promised him a phone. Hapa sioni kesi, though I can’t put it past our useless police to conjure something.

As an elder and a honourable member of this village, let me offer you pro bono legal service.

First, selling a phone to a minor is not a criminal offence. There is no law prohibiting such action.

However, under common law, such a contract between you and a minor is considered voidable on the monor’s side. What does it mean? Well, a minor can choose to honor the contract or otherwise.

So can you be jailed? NO. Contractual laws and obligations arising therefrom are civil cases. The worst that can happen to you is being presented in a civil court to answer a civil case.

In other words, STAY TALIBAN!

Kubali tu.
Then tell the parents utawarudishia pesa yao yote full as long as waende kwa official outlet/dealer ya hio simu wakuletee the exact same phone na reciept na unboxed no seal broken handset ndio pia wewe uendelee bila shida…i forgot the legal term for each party to return to its original state.
Umenipata…kila mtu arudi kwa their original state before the transaction.

Rescission you say?

There is a contract since there is a receipt, plus a minor’s word in a court of law in kenya is always accepted as fact until proven otherwise. The end deal here is aangaliehao watu au wanakaa peasants au watu wanajielewa. if they are looking respectible, wanaeza kusmubua juu hi ni kenya. Plus they coul fuck up your busniess with bad word of mouth. Alafu next time insist mtu akuje na ID ya mzazi juu ya registration shananigans.


You can’t use your mzazis ID to register bana. Hapa sasa ndio angepata shida na makarao. Mambo za fraud. Even in court, what would the minor claim? After all, He took the phone. He can’t say he was robbed. All the courts will do is give the parents back the money and hand back the phone.