Solar impulse plane

[ATTACH=full]1766[/ATTACH] Those who thought of creating the solar powered plane were not just dreaming. I wonder whether in the near future passenger planes will use solar power in stead of jet fuel. Solar power hasn’t powered heavy machines effectively yet, am sure solar powered heavy machines are being worked on.

Kama gari ya solar ndio wameshindwa.ndege wataweza?

Unaona kama hiyo ndege itamaliza ku-circumnavigate dunia? For now hata gari za Solar ziko slow na haziwezi beba heavy loads.


There is a 5-day non- stop flight somewhere along the mission. Na pilot ako solo. I don’t envy him. Angechukua kamtu hapa mlolongo.

Upus, faida gani kama haiwezi beba heavy loads, inamaanisha hata bomb haiwezi beba.

oil corporations always hinder such projects thus this will a long wait as they mint more money

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