Solar Eclipse

Total solar eclipse for those in North America within the next 6 hours on the East Coast.

Last time it happened was in 1979, when @FieldMarshal CouchP was forty fae. :smiley:

Waganga kama @jumabekavu would make a killing.


and in Kenya?

Only morroco will see a partly covered sun.time difference deters the viewing.six hours from now watu watakua wanapanga kausingizi when muricans are up and about.the moon is on a SW-NE trajectory so mostly over u.s/europe.good for u.s though,its the first totality in 90 yrs to cross coast to coast


Hatupumui juu ya hii kitu. Wazungu pale social media wako excited saidiii.

Trump Kwisha…

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By the way hata mimi nashangaa. I thought these are fairly common occurrences? BBC na CNN every minute ni hii maneno…

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hawananga news…esp CNN…trump akinyamba kidogo tu hio inakuwa headline ya sku tatu

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One day as a kid in around class 4, I was with my grandmother in the famous Wangige market when it suddenly grew dark and night descended upon us and it was only about 3pm,my grandmother and other market women cursed and wondered how dusk had come in so early. She gathered her wares and we set back on our way home but before we arrived, it started getting lighter and lighter till it was day again. Confused, we went home and found my grandfather had even milked the cows when ‘dusk’ set in. It was only when my dad came home later in the evening that he explained we had experienced a total solar eclipse.


I remember we had a total eclipse when I was either in Class 6 ama 7.
Must have been 1988, ama 87.
@FieldMarshal CouchP do you remember?

Kapsaa, though the year is kinda of hazy. I also think we had another in the 1970s coz I can remember we were told not to look up at the sun or we’d get blind. Tulikuwa tunatumia kartasi ya nylon ya black - very rare those days…

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hehe…reminds me of the crossover to this millenium cross in 1999 when a neibaring mzee slaughtered all his chicken in that dec of 99 coz the world was ending


Time check. 2:50pm EST. It’s grey outside. That solar eclipse is amazing. Creepy though.