Software Developer / Engineer Salaries in Kenya

These are the software developer / engineer salaries in Kenya: (Those competent in popular multipurpose programming languages like C, C++, Objective C, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Delphi, PHP, Go etc

100,000Ksh - 250,000Ksh

Middle-level (2yrs+ experience)
200,000Ksh - 300,000Ksh

300,000Ksh & above

Note that these Kenyan salaries are still far way below international software developer salaries and any competent talented software developer will be more compensated and appreciated if they do remote jobs.

NV thanks for enlightening the village and any aspiring software developer to know their worth; how much they should be paid.

Si kama kwa mwindi anataka usome ukuwe knowledgeable na anakulipa 26k

This applies to established companies tho…startup …not really

Ati muindi? Organisations zinalipa peanuts apa nje. I quit my second job after kuona nachezwa. Safe to say, I don’t code anymore

If you have a bongo la biz, coding is a waste of time.
I find it cheaper and better to pay for coding and I can focus on the business side of things

That’s what i did, i use my connections to land clients, pay some software engineers to work on it and pay them well. Besides, i went into real estate and i like it

Or a developer can try working for the Microsoft branch in Kenya. They pay developers around 600,000Ksh per month

One thing employees fail to learn is that it is not some organisation, employers etc to determine their payscale. it is them to determine how much they are going to be paid. You are giving employers too much power.

You were being paid peanuts because they knew there were people like you willing to work for that pay.

Hio ni gross or net pay?


The One coding for you is in business aswell bro… Na utamhitaji kama ni maintenance ama training

Microsoft ni ngapi?

Si pia Mimi mnipe clients buana IT FIELD iko FLOODED

Tou are not skilled enough. You are a Wordpress engineer. Actual coders have not had a break since Covid started.

Give me any job be it a desktop app or web app and witness how am skillful

Never beg, ever. It’s easier for me to give a new developer a task if he comes out strong even when unproven else people will take advantage of yoy

At times it works
But I didn’t beg I wanted to prove

Actually many senior software developers in Kenya earn somewhere from 400k - 700k not counting any in management

eh hizi salary zenu ni za hii kenya moja?

Flooded with of the shelf system installers not coders

Can you develop an online software?