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how much should you charge a school management ERP with basic modules…

I’d like to help you but have you googled “how to price software” before ukuje kuiliza elders hii swali?

nikona most of the info available online.i want to know from pple who have an experience there or know one or two things

schools are very stingy , but depends on the school…
problem is that school management systems have very standard features that a certain software can just be downloaded and work for any school.
so utapata options are many in the market, tried selling some systems some yrs back… people expect prices as low as 10k…shit nikajitoa

which systems nowadays are worth your time

@conoiseur leta budget split hapa…
hata mimi niko na hello world app nataka kuuzia mtu…i just dont know how to quote

private consultancy

Which school?It won’t be cheap i guess.

I won’t give you exact numbers to use because your definition of basic modules isn’t clear. However I’m assuming you’re the vendor of the software hence you’re acting as a consultant to provide the said ERP to the school. Keep in mind that the school has a budget of their own which is against yours. So some components to guide you for costing your ERP to the school would be:
[li]licensing fees[/li][li]Additional servers and network hardware[/li][li]Data conversion and transfer to new ERP (If any)[/li][li]Customization (if necessary)[/li][li]Testing[/li][li]Training[/li][li]Vendor/consultancy support post implementation[/li][/ul]
Maybe not all of the above would apply but ideally you get the picture of how to shape up your pricing model. Make room for contingencies though. Also, to advise you further; are you providing the said ERP as a cloud based SaaS solution or an on-premise solution with perpetual licensing?

i dont have my own servers for now

how shud i price a hospital system which shud link receptionist, lab, wards, pharmacy, doctor… and its an on premise solution.thanks in advance

Some software markets its just better you keep off. Unless you get big institutions or these private high cost schools, its not worth it.

I remember back in the day I was trying to sell a software to Aga Khan High. They told me they already had purchased one the previous year and they paid 8mill for it and it handled everything. Its only worth it unless you get such schools. Hizi zingine ndogo will tell you they would rather buy a bus than software

:D:D:D hiyo part ya bus ni ukweli, unaambia Board of Management about 8m,they want to get things they can touch

Same procedure though If the solution is on premise it means the hospital may have to invest in upfront costs for onsite infrastructure and it can be prohibitive on their budget. Also for on-premises, it means they will purchase a license from you to use the ERP and pay a single upfront payment. So you can use this a mode of pricing as well. They will also pay annual support fees that cover system upgrades, bug fixes, and even access to the vendor’ help desk if you are providing them with a SLA