Soft rock

Villagers,I have been a fan of soft rock and am wondering whether this village has the same.
Let us share the songs here and also if you have mixes too.
My all time favorite bands are:
3 doors down.
Cold play
Metalica,though this aint soft-Unforgiven.

najua cold play pekee yake

Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Foster The People
Evanescence (The Borne Thugs of Rock)
Ace Of Base
Linkin Park (Alternative Rock)
There are many good One hit wonder Rock Songs but the best are from Sweden, California and Canada with California taking number One Position. Scope this some may be classic and some Recent . Some aren’t Soft Rock bcoz i’m not a Soft Person but anyway.

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Try Linkin Park pia. this is my fav by them

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this one by Coldplay always makes me upbeat. ningekua wrestler ingekua my entrance song :smiley:

But without you all I’m going to be is incomplete… @nairobilay

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What’s in your head, in your head Zombie, zombie, zombie!!! @chap


kuna dame alikua anaimba hii song sana hall 1 jkuat

Linking Park, Cold Play, Cranberries and Red Hot Chili Peppers are on Point. Linking Park was the Greatest band of the 2000’s. Their Album “Hybrid Theory” and “Meteora” were just WOW! almost every song was alright. My best song of Coldplay remains Clocks. I will bombard you with a Plethora of songs from the Good Ol’ Days.

Madova Try the Fray, Dido, Googoo dols, Actic monkeys, The Beetles etc 10th Avenue North


hehehe,continue sampling.

Clocks is a favorite too.But when am gone leaves me with goose pimples everytime i litsen to it plus In my place.
Wacha zikuje mzae am compling another hard disk after some nigger decided to steal my compilation.

This has always sounded like its possesed.
Have you ever litsened and sang along to some of these songs and all over a sudden your are energezid?

Buda,Googoo dolls wako juu plus Dido.
Am yet to sample the rest.Nitazicheki.

[SIZE=6]So Cold - Breaking Benjamin[/SIZE]

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Speaking of Dido…If you’re cold I’ll keep you warm@madova

so cold, diary of jane , whispers in the dark(by skillet) zinakuwanga pia on point

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Gothic Mamas Wah!

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:):).its a lovely song just finished listening to it.

I’ve always been looking for a rock video mix from a local DJ…kuna mtu anajua mahal I naweza pata

Awesome, I listened to it a lot in campo when I needed noise and a bit of motivation

Oh! You slow one…you calling me a whore is noise to my ears…zero fucks given!