soft loan

which is the best banking institution i can get soft loan of 120k

Ukitaka soft loan haraka enda uchunishwe sukuma na branch manager wa equity uwesmakende :D:D:D:D

Hakunanga soft loans lazima uonyeshe bank utalipa else enda kwa shylocks tutakukopesha at crazy rates…

which bank do you bank with? have you banked with them last three months? do you own a business?

Check it on When I needed a loan to set up my business, I found there good credit offers. To be honest, my loan was lower than 120k, but, any way you could find a bank that will approve you this amount. The most important part when you apply for a loan is to respect the bank requirements, like to have a good and stable salary and so on. Also, begin to inform about the documents that you’ll need for the loan. That’s how you’ll save time.