Soft & Jiggy B o o ty ladies. Lets go!

Villager habari yenu.

I have a thing for ladies with soft jiggy booties… I need new ones to bang (got some with that I can share contacts too). Hit my inbox with contacts of the ladies with jiggy booties I get to some.

Share damages together with number. Cheers.

tembea sj ulizia fatuma

What happened to normal boy girl relationships watu ckuhizi ni kulipa hakuna kuomba na kupewa kuma bila pesa?

People have no time of being taken round and round the circle in a disguise of "playing hard to get " you go straight to the point

Guys have been redpilled sawa sawa hadi they want nothing to do with relationships

You have termal image of fatuma I put face to her name? Will pass by.

All the way, vitu soft

what you just requested is a whole research report , leta payment nikupatie research proposal

Dr angoo PhD Kutomba lanye

This market is prime for a real Pimping business.

Hakuna kuma ya bure siku hizi. I’ve even tried hitting on ugly girls lakini pia hao ni kama walipata standards.

Tupatie hekaya kadhaa wacha kuwa mchoyo

She was banned, ako Odeon of late



Tupe number and exact coordinates inbox @digi

Kîhiiiiiii keino gitiiiiii brare kumbaff ngite