Sodomy of young boys

Advisory to Parents
¶There is an emerging trend of pedophiles and sex pests, they are now shifting to young boys. ¶Review the safety rules of your son or sons. ¶Reeducate your son about sodomy, what he should watch out for. From the Tharaka Nithi case, and the new Machakos case, pedophiles and sex pests prefer sodomizing a group of boys at a go

  • Understand that the prevalence of sodomy of boys may not attract the usual anger and attention from the NGOs, the mainstream media, social media, and society in general. So you will have to scream louder, speak more, and protect more your son.
    ¶Sex pests that were stopped at the bar, clubs, guesthouses and idling at night have now been partially pushed closer to you by COVID-19 measures.
  • The largest sex pests and pedophiles are usually relatives, and neighbors or people around you and your child. You should watch inwardly first. The biggest threat are the closest people to you and your child. Review their behavior each day. Trust is the biggest weakness in security, suspicion is an asset in security matters.