sodomy of boys by police chief inspector in Tharaka Nithi

By Alex Njeru

Nation Media Group

Police in Maara, Tharaka Nithi County are holding a colleague for reportedly sodomising six teens in his house.

The officers found four young boys aged between 14 and 15 and two young adults aged 18 and 19 sleeping on the floor inside the house.

Upon interrogation, the officers established that all six were from Ndunguri Primary School in Ntumu village. They were rescued and taken to safety at Chogoria Police Station.

“Upon interrogation the boys said that the officer in question had been sodomising them,” read part of the report.

The mgtow officer was arrested and locked up at Chogoria Police station awaiting arraignment in court upon completion of investigations.

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I always suspect that these things are very common. I think a very huge percent of male population globally could have been fvcked in this way and introduced [mostly for small grassroots roles] into the globalist system that seems to run this place. I also think that is how people are recruited into the police information ring. Juu mi uangalia the relationships that some folks have with cops and I fail to make sense of them.

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