Socrates Apology

What are the charges against Socrates as recorded in the Apology. Is he guilty of them?

people that charged Socrates were just afraid that his new ideas would spread to thenext generation. It is clear that socrates ideas are vastly different from theirs, but being an independent individual doesn’t mean that one should be punished by death. The main reason that Socrates is charged for “corrupting the youth of athens” is because he calls things like they are. In his speech he called out politicians and claimed that they were full of themselves

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Before Socrates there were Sophists. This were expensive teachers who charged Athenians to teach them how to win argument especially in court. Then came Socrates whom dismantled this schooling models through his way of urging which were conducted in public places for free.

I tend to believe this where it all started. The ‘Deep state’ back then didn’t like the change of status and devised away to get lid of the guy. Which they did.

if you dont understand classic philosophy just stick to “sex and relationship” section.

The Allegory of the Cave is an interesting read.

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The Charges Against Socrates Essay - 640 Words | Bartleby


meffi wewe…i have read Apology, Meno, and Philebus and a bit of Crito. And i can answer you any philosophical questions regarding them. Then this is not academic site that i would be accused of plagiarism.

Do things cease to exist just because you don’t recognize them?

I know that wasn’t the intention, but I think the allegory captured this philosophical question pretty well.

If all you can see are the shadows, and another see the entirety of reality. When you say there are nothing but shadows, you are logically coherent. When the other says the shadows are evidence of another reality, he is logically coherent.

I find this to be the case in most debates on Spiritualism. People who have validly interacted with the realm beyond the physical can’t argue with those who haven’t… And both are validly convinced of their deductive stations

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You haven’t, though. How do you copy a reply word for word? If you can’t formulate your own ideas or express an idea you have read in your own words… Have you really understood anything you’ve read?

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Philosophers are touchy on originality, I haven’t read Socrates Apology yet.
Dante’s 9 circles is still about in my mind.