Socialite Huddah Monroe Openly Admits Selling Her NOOKIE 4 CASH And She Is Happy With It

After kutuwekea mbisha bado unataka tukiclick tuone hekaya za Abunuasi na evidence iko hapa… Akanyal

Thanks for the tip men:);):smiley:

I still wouldn’t use a condom with this sweet snatch…damn this biach is hot

stench ni ile ile


‘And she is happy with it’…maraya ni maraya tu…amekuwa akionja zile tamutamu

Haters gonna hate but this bitch is just hawttt

would tap out that as**

Hot my foot,she can’t even be compared to our lovely purr 27,ama niweke mbicha tufanye comparison?

Wanaume wakikula mifupa, mbwa atakula nini?

Weka mbisha…