Socialism sometimes works

Why do Somalis thrive in Business?

I have overheard complaints from businessmen and scholars arguing that the Oria/Somali Muslims are taking over Nairobi CBD. Yes they are.

Boss how can you compete with these people? They are like Indians.

They practice socialism and work as a family.

When was the last time you called your uncle, aunt, cousin or in law? Imagine they call each other daily and work together as your colleagues at work.

You are waiting to invest from your salary? Well, they don’t wait, they call each other and work in partnership . One man is married to 4 wives.

One wife is selling baby clothes in Eastleigh as a wholesale sales person making Kshs. 8,000 a day. The 2nd wife is selling gas and running a shop in Donholm making Kshs. 5,000 or more a day.

The 3rd wife makes people tea and lunch in Eastleigh making a profit of 4,000 a day and the last one is selling men’s and women’s wear in Eastleigh making a profit of Kshs. 10,000 a day.

How much goes to his account before we include his petrol station in South B or his clothes line in town or slaughtering cows from Moyale at Njiru slaughter house?

That is Kshs. 27,000 passing through his account daily let’s say from slaughtering cows, he makes a profit of Kshs. 15,000 a day.

His total income is Kshs. 42,000 a day. That is Kshs. 1,260,000 passing through his account per month. Banks do check flow in your account per month to advance loans that can open you a restaurant in town.

Your salary is Kshs. 80,000 and you feel your wife is so fragile to work, so you keep her in the house baby sitting. Every evening you pass through your favorite club, you take two for the road which turns out to be 5-10 bottles before you leave accompanied by friends.

Your side chick or mpango wa kando is also one Slay Queen of her kind. She does Java and above or Amarula or whatever she sees on adverts and drinks them with you. You pay her rent, salon and clothes while she takes selfies sending them to you.

Let’s assume you need a bank loan to put a big business in town, between your account and his account, who will get bank trust with a big capital to put up a significant business?

Kaka, then you want to rant how these people are money launderers?

Please if you can’t make money with your family members like Indians and Somalia crew are doing, step aside.

Stop complaining, meet your Slay Queens in their restaurants as you narrate to them how these people are faking it. When you are done, come I introduce you to Abdin my neighbour who sells gas and runs a shops and drive a Land Cruiser TX.

I respect these people. Unless we up our game, they will displace us in our own country then we start another war like South Africa did and start being xenophobic or like Donald Trump is fighting to chase black people out of USA .


Your definition of socialism is off…

That’s basic capitalism, and the less you spend the more you sell the more you make, the more you keep!!!

I get the point you are trying to make… but then again, Socialism!!! Yawa

Charcoal and firewood.

to be rich cushite style, AVOID PAYING ALL KINDS OF TAXES. in summary, shaft KRA

Leo hizo umbwa zimeniibia Mia Saba.

Kumbe wewe ni peasant! 700 tu unaita watu umbwa

Yes it pains juu ya vile nilikuwa na harakishwa na taxman Hadi wanafanya ni rarue parcel.
Halafu na lipa na mpesa huyo taxman anataka nimuoshe hio message. Alikuwa anachungulia Hadi ile imebaki.
Mahali tuna elekea KRA wataanza kuingia Kwa manyumba za watu kutafuta ile pesa tume stash Kwa godoro.

Ask people in corporate M&A, these Indian and Somali businesses are the most inefficient once you look under the hood precisely because of forcing family and community into the leadership. The key to those people’s success is access to capital, targeting large, essential industries with financial and intellectual barriers to entry, and knowing how to navigate Kenya’s murky government regulations under the table

This is just retarded math. Ati 42k divided by five families hiyo ni highway to poverty tu bado

Sikatai tunafaa kuwork pamoja kaa wahindi but hiyo story ya kuzaana like panya tuache

How is a gross sales revenue of say 50 k able to sustain a family of say 15 humans in Nairobi as a middle class family?

I know the point being driven home is to work together like Somalis and Indians; they support each other (usually regardless of bloodline) forming a tight successful unit.

Like I remember reading an article of just how a few Somalis would go abroad for any business purposes representing the rest saving the money that would have been used had everyone gone.

But do you know what… They only do that because of Racism. These guys (Indians and Somalis) believe they’re above us and they therefore work hard to be above us.

If the Indians and Somalis were as hardworking and thinking outside the box the way they’re doing in Kenya then their countries would hard been very rich and far ahead.

Though it can be a good idea if people in a country would be their brother’s keeper and make life for each other easier (as that’s the closest citizens in a country can come together)