Sober Mind


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Our MPigs unite in greed they have done it before, they did it in 2013 immediately after elections, they will do it again. Watch this space-The Ayes have it.


yani adi mama wa county wamuchomba ni mtu wa kusema waongezewa mshahara…100% greed

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The only time these Jubiliots and Naswa Mps will sing the same song…


When it comes to money the language ni ile ile - more is better than less by far

Yule MP kutoka Kiambu alitishia kuresign alirudi?

This is PR, if he writes to the Speaker, SRC and relevant National Assembly commission asking for a salary reduction, I’ll acknowledge the brassness of his balls.
People oppose and accept anything on social media, but reality happens outide the purview of keyboard warriors.

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Huyu anasema he does not want salary increment and he hasn’t even gotten letter of offer and the first payslip :D:D