So William Ruto thinks that former president Arap Moi was such a blessing to Kenya……..SMH

In his bid to convince Rift Valley leaders to back him, the DP claims that had leaders not shelved their ambitions, Moi would not have ruled. Like Moi was the best thing to have happened to Kenya:

Here is an excerpt stolen from the Daily Nation:

In what seemed to be a message directed to Baringo Senator Gideon Moi, Mr Ruto said many people had shelved their own ambitions and persevered to allow retired President Daniel arap Moi ascend to power following the death of Kenya’s founding President Jomo Kenyatta in 1978.

“Why do you want to spoil things for me now? Let’s all travel together in this journey in one direction. The government is big enough to accommodate all of us. If everyone had thumped their chests in the past, President Moi would never have ruled this nation,” he said.

Granted, Ruto has a point but he should also realize that Moi was one of the worst blunders to ever strut the Kenyan political stage. Despicably, he is claiming that the government is ‘big’ enough to accommodate ‘everyone’; he should instead have said that Kenyan governments have always been big enough to accommodate political sycophants, political rejects like Muskari Kombo, and those with political connections.

It has never been big enough to accommodate the wishes of ordinary Wanjiku(security, health care, affordable basic needs and accountability).

Look at this statement by Ruto: “Why do you want to spoil things for me now? . For heaven’s sake, everyone else has a right to contest for the presidency? Who told Ruto that he has patented the presidency?

This reminds me of the bile that P. Kenneth and Karua received from Kikuyus because they were ‘spoiling’ uhuru’s chances. Who told them that Uhuru had natural rights to be the leader of the Kikuyus?

So, as an investor, I should not open up a supermarket because, you know, I will be ‘spoiling’ the corporate success of Nakumatt?

So, a young Maasai boy should not train hard for 800m race because, you know, he will be ‘spoiling’ the chances for Rudisha come the Olympics Games??

They were saying that the Kikuyus had ‘spoken’ with ‘one voice’ like the Mama Mboga in Nyeri was ever consulted!

When will commoners realize that leaders in Kenya are created in the lofty rooms of Serena?

I will only believe that Kenya is headed for political maturity when a Kikuyu presidential candidate will receive 300,000 votes in Nyanza because of his progressive policies on the Fishing industry and, additionally, when a Luo presidential candidate receives 1 million votes from central Kenya because of his remarkable policies to revive the coffee/tea sectors.


The apple does not fall far from the tree…this people are kanu to the core…bred and raised by Moi himself and they strut the entire spectrum of the political divide…kibaki, kalonzo, ruto, musalia, uhuru, kenneth,wetangula, raila ( although he was the only rebel) et al …we had an alternative candidate in that Ole Kiyapi but we all gave him a wide berth…look at all the parastatal appointments ni watu tu wako na kanu links ndio have benefited


“Why do you want to spoil things for me now?
Leadership in kenya is about personal gain kwanza this stupid man. You would think atazikwa nazo. Greedy greedy man.

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Ngoja award winning ndauwo akam

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This statement were made at the funeral of Noah Arap Too…the former CID director during the Moi error…now this man was a law onto himself…even seasoned politicians used to fear him…ukitafutwa na CID wewe kwisha detention without trial , torture was the name of the game…kweli Kalenjins can lie low…come to think that people of this ilk survived the whole 10 years of the kibaki administration and no one investigated them for their crimes

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The excuse was that ‘opening’ wounds of the past was tantamount to witchhunting and would result in political pandemonium. Therefore, they adopted the doctrine of ‘forgetting the past’ for the sake of an idiotic abstraction called ‘national unity’. With such a doctrine, all kanu mandarins got a chance to keep their filthy billions.
I simply dread a Ruto presidency as it would be Moi 2.0 and another 10 years will just be wasted.

I specifically used those two tribes to underline the political enmity between them and how it’d be refreshing if such an enmity came to an end.
If you envisage wild animals living together in the wild as ‘brothers and sisters’, a nice illustration would be to witness an antelope and a lion taking a walk together, right?

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All politicians are the same period!

Uhuru will get more than 300000 votes in nyanza come 2017.

if only had Kibaki resigned and joined Matiba… but the coward Kibaki betrayed MAtiba and Kanu triumphed . later gave some lame ass excuse of cutting Mugumo tree with wembe

Sadly, in Kenya’s political scene, hypocrites always emerge victorious. This not only happens in the political scene but practically in all spheres of life. For instance, a hypocritical preacher selling his prosperity gospel in order to gain financial benefits thereby, will have thousands of followers while a genuine Man of God who actually tells people the painful truth will have almost no followers as he will be termed ‘strange and stuck in the past’.
Really, the entire religio-socio-political system in Kenya has hypocrisy as its primary DNA.
Look at it from this perspective: If Karl Marx will only become a ‘someone’ to kenyans if he is filthily rich and Karl Marx harbors political ambitions and Karl Marx is a senior civil servant, what will prevent him from looting public resources in order to become ‘someone’ in the eyes of his constituents and thus get elected?
We Kenyans are hypocrites and that is why we elect hypocrites. We cannot even stomach genuine preachers; we have to surround ourselves with hypocritical, bible-thumping charlatans who will tell us whatever our depraved ears/ minds want to hear.

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Yeah, Kibaki was no fan of this multiparty democracy thing and only got the ‘courage’ to venture into opposition politics when it was safe for him to do so. However, Kibaki’s presidency was not all that bad, especially when compared with the previous Nyayo regime. Yes, he did little to fight corruption but he at least put in place measures to ignite economic growth. If i were to objectively grade Kibaki’s presidency, i would give him a ‘B-’ compared to Moi’s pathetic [I]Daudi Msalaba/I.

The examples you give are shallow and useless.

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And i hope it isnt hard for you give your ‘deep’ and ‘useful’ examples, Captain Caveman, right?

This dude will not run for 2 terms am sure…He will create disorder and change constitution to enable him become life president. Nkurunziza style.

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kubadilisha constitution not possible…

Ruto is being strategic…he knows fully well that the “rebellion” has been conceived,planned and executed by the Mois…all he needs is time and a truce to be able to build a war chest that come 2022 he would be In a position to finance his own campaign without begging the kale elite to donate to his kitty. who knows maybe Uhuru is doing the same…he spent quite a chunk in elections…do u think this money will be just written off as a loss…pesa lazma irudi

Ruto is too crafty
The guy is second in command but his name keeps popping in scandalous deals this means it will be worse if in charge

He will be such an influential president that sycophants mps senators and governors will easily pass bills to effect the change. Further more he will have been in the presidency for about 20 years (from 2013 to 2032) and he will only be 66 years old. Atakuwa anauliza 'mnataka Ni retaye niende wapi? Eh? Si agwambo aling’ang’ana mpaka akiwa over 70? Eh? Hata mimi naweza endelea. …wangapi wanataka tuendelee. …?

the fight came too early, its 2015, as usual ruto will overcome, id be worried if it was 2020. history will tell you this guy has never had anything handed to him he’s had to fight and he will win this one

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