So, who did I curse?

I never raised that issue but as I was using my wife’s phone, a message came. From that idiot that I am raising his kids. Apparently, they are still in touch(around 20 messages of nonsense especially one that he referred to ‘bwana yako ananilelea watoto vizuri). I managed to keep his number in my head. Advice me guys: do I go to that bedroom and remove her head. I am in kids’ bedroom using a computer I had bought for them. How do I deal with all these tragedies?
Keep in mind that the idiot was screwing her right from high school(that’s when she got pregnant with the idiot’s first kid)
How do I deal with all this? Do I go into that bedroom and give her the fight of the year?
I am just so annoyed. If you guys never hear from me again, know that I caused a massacre in that useless bedroom. I am feeling like the idiot of the year and in fact, as I type this, I am weeping. Literally.

I know it’s wrong to reply to my own post, but purity just contact me asap to avert an impending tragedy.
Are women so ungrateful like that? Right now, it will be my third divorce.

please hang yourself


Remove yourself from that situation ASAP. Go spend the night in a hotel if you must. You have too many things to deal with right now. Don’t let anger wreck everything. Lakini pole, bro.


He was probably her first love maybe she is still screwing him


I know anger never solves anything. I will just get out of this useless house and spend the night in a neighbor’s house.

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kill her.
what do you expect when you continue with another mans game as @MBOMB would say.
on a seriou note…
third divorce and a fourth in the making.
dont you think your fucking skills are wanting?


He stated a good fact that you are raising the kids well. Doesn’t matter who’s … Unless your suggesting she got them while you were together.

As for the head, unless you are planning on cooking soup with it, I propose you leave it where it is.


since you are a billionare

Perhaps because i am not very much into sex. I will just take a novel(Yes i have never managed to complete ‘to kill a mocking bird’) and walk out quietly.

Carbon, don’t be so much insensitive. I want now to creep out of this damned house.

love, passion, emotion or whatever the fuck it’s called nowadays is not logical. Go to a club called bavon and enjoy a cold tusker…and the view. kesho ni jamhuri day buda

go watch dstv channel 183(discovery)

Just leave that house go spend the night elsewhere…be a gentle man enough

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she did not disrespect you, he did. go hunt down the nigger and kick his makagari…hard…


i am a realist from nyeri and where we come from we never run away from problems we face them head on.
you need to confront her. using your rational head. get to the bottom pf this.
emotions aside

And i thought i had problems.
Why do i have an eeire feeling that kabuda has hacked karl marx account.


ini gikii kumbaff

@karl marx get out of that house, don’t even say you are leaving…just slip out. There are so many men out there in the same situation as you the only difference is that they don’t know yet.Whatever you, do think about the kids first, they are innocent in all this…remember that. Forget about Purity for now.

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hehehe…mpaka alitype na kiswahili…maybe there is something he is not telling us about the urinal incident…waweru hivi hivi