So, who actually was responsible for the 2007/8 mini-genocide?

As things are, even this William Ruto guy will be acquitted courtesy of witness intimidations, recantation of testimonies and so on.

My question has always been this: If its not these leaders(Uhuru, ruto, kibaki Raila) who were responsible, then who the f*ck organised these killings???

Kenyans are very dubious people: that simply because their political gods had been implicated, they go on very silly defensive tantrums, trying to defend their gods from any acquisition. Learn this: if ever these politicians organise tribal massacres again and, your sister or mother is raped and killed, just learn to keep your mouth shut and “move on”

If, as Kenyans, we can dare defend suspects simply because they are our leaders, then we should have no problems defending suspects who have raped our daughters, sisters and mothers.

Will these victims of 2007/8 skirmishes ever get justice? Or simply because Uhuru became the president, the Kikuyus have conveniently forgotten what was done to them? And, i am always surprised that the Kikuyus who always suffer most when violence erupts have been seriously defending Ruto. Make sure you toe along Ruto’s line for as long as he is alive. For as long as he is the King of Rift Valley, always vote for anyone who the Kalenjins are voting for. This is one bitter reality of marriage of political conveniences.
And i want to ask Kikuyus this: Yes, Uhuru and Ruto became buddies; did the kikuyu people in the Rift Valley become friends with the Kalenjins? Don’t bother answering me because i have the answer.
If Raila becomes president, will Luos now forget what they underwent through?

I always tell kikuyus this: Uhuru is not your tribesman. Get that f*cking fact into your head!!! Similarly, Raila is not Luo’s tribesman. He belongs to the rich class and doesn’t care whether his fanatical supporter in Kibera managed to get lunch or not.

If Uhuru ‘defended’ the Kikuyus, it was only because there was fear that their(Kenyatta & Co) large farms in Rift Valley might be invaded, gettttt it???

No matter how idiotic Kenyans try to identify themselves with their rich political gods, the latter will never identify with them except, of course, when they will be campaigning.

In the future, should you ever lose your property because of tribal clashes, learn to kneel down and worship your political god to pay you double the loss, OK??? Or else, learn to forget and move on because any political god who will be suspected of organising the massacres will have ‘implicated’ by his political enemies and the NGOs, OK?

There was no geno or mini genocide because it never happened

mimi na michuki tulionelea uhuru awe kiongozi wetu.if kalenjins were not forced to vote for uhuru,hata sisi mkono tutarudisha roho safi.

It’s a weekend boss, why not put your efforts into something that soothes your mind. Posts like these only get you worked up for nothing.

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first, you should have titled your tirade: The re-education of the Kikuyu (but really none of them gives a hoot, they moved on.)
The answer to your rhetorical question: Ruto was only the hunting dog…we know who the owner of the dog was and he got (some) power through violence
As someone has suggested up there, please go find some sex…

Will these victims of 2007/8 skirmishes ever get justice?

YES, they will definitely have their day. As the bible says in Romans 12:19

Never take your own revenge, beloved, but leave room for the wrath of God, for it is written, “VENGEANCE IS MINE, I WILL REPAY,” says the Lord. ::::::::::::

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back to your stock in trade, you didn’t last too long discussing religion, single mothers and ngugi wathiong’o. ooh wait, the ngugi wathiongo piece was another anti okuyu piece, you have a problem that clearly is messing with the way you think and live

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According to the poet of the man God, who was responsible?

Been reading these blogs here and see stupid foolish common mwanachi(Kenyans ) Ranting trying to defend their tingods and I always wonder do they know that these guys they call their tribesmen is not their tribesmen
Tribesmen in kenya is gauged with what you have in the bank and in the soil not the language you call your vernacular.
All these MPs Govonors the Oppsition are of the same tribe as their social class is the same
That Kikuyu jaluo luhya kamba kalenjin guys who live in mathare are of the same tribe coz of their financial status
these gods they call Muthamaki, baba…and another words they use to praise them wit dont even know they exixt but they know there are fools down there who will fight for us when we complain that a jaluo kikuyu or the others have stolen or have made them not to achieve their selfish missions.
But I respect them pigs coz of how they have managed to put these small fish (Omenas) into their pockets to unleash them when they are in a desperate situation as the world is a jungle hence survival for the fittest.

But lets not forget the chants of the ugly dark faces on the streets during the PEV and I beleive if you remember them you will know who instigated the horrible situation we had.

@Vipul 2007 elections is way behind now, Uhuru has been acquitted while Ruto is still hanging on there. Fanya yako leave who did what alone, just like you said it none of them know you exist. ION uwache u.fala

What do u care, do they know u exist either or u one of them? U seem an imbecile lost in the garden get a life street boy

Hahaha, someone is getting over-worked up here for nothing. Is there anywhere anyone said someone knows somebody. Chieth