So this was Betty Kyallo’s salary at KTN..ignore the typos

No wonder these tv girls depends for sponsors… according to Business Today, a credible blog run by journalists with insiders in the newsrooms, Betty earned ksh 120,000 per month before K24TV poached her with a hefty salary… most people think journalists are paid a lot of money but this is not the case… a close friend who was reading sports on ktn before being poached by switch tv was being paid 55 k after tax [ATTACH=full]267561[/ATTACH]

They just read what has been written

Manyambo Mbaya Nyews Network

A while back… Me and my buddy from US tulikua tuna watch news za saa moja… So this buddy of mine says he fancied the lady reading the news… She was a KTN anchor(can’t remember her name)… So anyways… Hio time… KTN studios used to be pale I&M… Sisi tulikua pale sarova hotel… (that’s where this nigger was staying)…

So i dare him… We go try our luck… With the lady anchor… And pick her up after she’s finished with her duty…

We drove to tao… Entered i&m… And asked to see that lady… Long story short… They f.ucked on that very same night… I couldn’t believe…

What are you smoking. Ati mulienda kujaribu bahati?!!

Some celebrities are financially OK. Lakini wengi? Wacha tu. Anyone out there on the celebrity league looks pretty smug. Until you interact with them for some time, ndio utaelewa. Quite a number wako na serious issues na finance, pesa na celebrity lifestyle ni vitu viwili viko at loggerends kabisa. I can only say, do not ever be surprised if you make acquaintance with a “celeb” and after two weekends kumeza beer kwa table moja usikie kakikwambia kamebakisha kulipa nyumba saidia. Mtu hajalipa nyumba na ako na c-class. Ya loan!


wakijaribu kupea hao matv slay queens huge salaries, i swear tutakufa dryspell sababu wwngi wao hawana feelings na sisi hubahatika kuwapiga kende ju tuna hela yakutosha shida zao na wao wana slices zakutosha kiwi yetu.

And you conveniently can’t remember her name?

I doubt he would say it.

Can you remember the year,month and date …

Or just year and month

We wanna know who’s the easiest to help us tick off this bucket list item

A wise man once said, “if you can find a way of making good money without becoming famous, then consider yoursef extremely lucky. Most men dont get that privilege”

Most of these fake celebs have to keep up with the image that they project. Unapata mtu anakazana kulipa nyumba ya 150K na kukunywa pombe ya 20K just so that she can take pictures for IG and youtube channel. Saa hio hustler kama mimi i can save a partly 120K in a good month juu sina pressure za upuzi za kuonyesha watu eti i am high roller. Hell, I am not even on social media.

10 years from today my investment portfolio is way fatter than her ass ever was in her heydays.

Telling these fools to buy a plot in the outskirts of Nairobi and build is like an insult. They want to live in lavish apartments halafu job ikiisha they are reduced to zero… remember Ann Ngugi, formerly of KTN, saying she was forced to relocate from hurlingham to Umoja in eastlands and dispose her Mercedes Benz after she was retrenched unexpectedly

This city is built on mirrors and smoke. Believe the facade at your own peril.

You save 120k a month in this economy then you are doing excellent

Sio kitu mgeni hiyo ni kawaida2…

I only spend 45K per month. Rent 15K, mahitaji zingine 30K. And this is regardless of whether i make 50K or 1M on that month. Hii nairobi ukikimbizana na standards za ujinga za watu utafika 40 with nothing to your name. Mark my words.

BTW huwezi sema hivo and we know very well who [SIZE=6]mchezaji[/SIZE].

I am not suprised. Sijui ni kwa nini watu hueka hawa watu ligi ingine ya juu zaidi. At the end of the day mwanamke ni yule yule. Tutatomba tu na tuingie mitini kama uweschieth.

He is being done excellent

Much like anachunishwa na majamaa sukuma