So she did not start from zero after all?

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you posted a youtube video of a lady you claimed has come from far to build a successful company. Some people think she did not start from zero as she claims.

Here is what Robert Alai says about her:

Laura Akunga is daughter to the late Dr Isaiah Akunga Onyango. Dr Akunga was a long time Chief Economist in the Ministry of Finance and Director of International Jobs in the Office of the President. He died in 2006. Here is a thread where Kenyans in USA were called to contribute to the funeral…/afr…/conversations/messages/21556

The case with Laura Akunga is that she is a lady who is using cooked stories and polished ratchety to market her Benchmark Solutions company. When she did an interview with NTV, her stories had glaring inconsistencies.

[I]She did her interview in 2014 and the interview is available through this link

In the interview, she claimed that she was 28 and had lost her dad while she was 19. Dr Akunga died in 2006 which means that if she was 28 in 2014, she lost her dad while she was 20. Again, she claimed that she started her company after the death of her father and that her company was 9 years old. Ok, your dad died in 2006 meaning that your company could not be more than 8 years old since the death of your dad.[/I]

Dr Akunga, Laura’s father was initially buried in Runda until when senior Kisii elders protested when he was exhumed and later buried in Kisii.

In 2015, Laura is still not older than 28.

Even if all were correct, why splash the media with stories of you gifting your husband with a used Japanese SUV? Are you not just begging for attention? Laura just say that your said husband is a man peddling his wares and you are just paying for him to stay.

This is my opinion which I am allowed to hold and share without fear or favour.

Guka was right!!!

Yawa Laura’s story has brought alot of debate…she used alot of her dads contact…bt she is still ambitious n bright…Being the 3rd born, shes very business minded …nt even her first born brother who did not even complete college can keep up with her…

Mbona unaniita hapa ngombe hii?

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Although story yake ina mashimo, Alai sounds like the worst type of jealous vindictive waru possesing human being.


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watu wengi hapa wangeachiwa pesa na connections za baba si wangelewa tu hio pesa. so huyo mwanamke ako na akili na alitumia resources na opportunities zake vipoa


Kama kina Gachoka


The asshat was not even able to raise a 2m bail and had a fortune of sub billion shillings on his name years ago. kubaff kabisa. Let the girl be.

Hehehe, huyu jamaa si ana machungu.

Imagine that even after refusing with his sister’s inheritance…

in african setting women do not get inheritance at all. they will get their inheritance from their husbands

But what did she expect plastering her life on social media for all, people are bound to ask questions and once you open up your life to public scrutiny you have little control of the twists and turns it takes. …

They are both attention seekers engaging in publicity stunts.

Where am from …they do

ha haa. utashangaa siku moja dada


Which Africans are these?

Wewe unasister ama a daughter? Acha kutumia kichwa kama kofia, in real life wewe ni Fala kapsaaa!


Well my aunts were left with their inheritance n cousins …n i will leave for my gals :smiley:

sijakataa mimi ni fala lakini mali ni ya vijana. sister na daughter niko nao na kichwa yangungu natumia vile najiskia

the African africans

Huyu Alai ako na umama mwingi Sana, It is obvious he is jealous.

The inconsistencies in her story are so trivial her success cannot be dismissed.

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