So Sad To Learn That Agitu Gudeta Was Murdered

She was such a joyful, beloved woman. She did so much to paint African migrants in Europe in good light. And one idiot just undid all of it. His IQ is probably too low to comprehend the extent of damage he has done. A life is lost. A beautiful hardworking woman who did so much to change the African narrative just by being her simple hardworking self. She reached out to him and gave him a job. A chance to survive. A chance to add his own contribution to a beautiful african story of success. A chance to build his own story of success. But the bigger picture is always lost on some of our lower IQ brothers.
Life. Apparently the demonic act was done 2 months ago… because of a dispute over delayed salary. Dealing with un-intelligent people is too much of a risk it seems.

Boss,tulichambua hi @LongTime ago. Wacha kublock watu ama pitia threads kiasi

Ndio ninajua hii story leo. Still coming to terms with the shock.

Very unfortunate; the devil will give him blood to drink.
May she rest in peace

Nyali mnaendelea aje?

Watu wa Google.



Ama ni Google firirida?

ulimu kamuaanga ama ?

Such is life