So, Robert Was A Husband, But Also A Dedicated Partner To Two Others?...Will He RIP?!


Ukikufa umekufa, stop thinking about the unknown shit

Did your spiritual father and warlord David rest in peace? The answer applies to Bob.

Didicate yourself to 3 women. It will answer your question, and many others.

She agrees with you.

This is good. Today I’m not fighting you. I’ll now ask @Finest wine not to recruit those friends of hers to do you in:D @TrumanCapote is also needed here asap.

I’m good people my fren… :D:D:D

Your words tell me her book is about you:D

That’s probably what killed the man, dedicated servers were simply focused on getting their cut and off him.

I don’t know the man at all, but I suggest you watch the video when you have time, it has interesting insights for African American women, and modern African women.

Don’t mess with Jadhes… :D:D:D

Akuku Danger from Ndiwa, Homa Bay, and some of his offsprings…

Kenya’s most prominent polygamist died Oct 4, 2010, having married more than 100 women in his lifetime and fathered nearly 200 children. Nicknamed “Danger” because women were so attracted by his handsome looks, Ancentus Akuku was in his late 90’s when he passed away of natural causes. He married his first wife in 1939 and became a polygamist some 70 years ago at the age of 22. He’s outlived 12 of his wives, marrying the last one in 1992.

Hehe, there’s such a thing as taking a joke too far.

That was a v long watch. I agree with most of what she said. Will find the book nijisomee.
Mangele ‘dumped me’ coz I said I don’t have sex with uncut men. He forgot that the thread had been put by a pseudo Jaluo account with my name put on it. I hit back when I can. If you don’t see me respond just jua I have blocked that person.

Great tips from that lady. I haven’t read the book, but she speaks truth.
Hehehe, I have a surgeon I could recommend for our mutual friend. He’s good with kids, so I’m sure Mangele will be safe:D If he refuses we’ll reinstate the previous plan, so you get your girls ready.

Sasawa:D. I plan to get the book. Libraries zimefunguliwa sasa. Niko na mission ya kutafutiwa Jojina mzungu. Wish me luck. Wacha nirudi job I start mingling again.

All the best. But I find that a bit of a betrayal from you. She should get partnered to the Lionheart:D

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:DI am dying of laughter. Because I know you are an interested party and you would def comment. But Mwari clearly says she prefers a mzungu. If I put my energies into it nitapata a good Irishman or a Scot thru my friends married to them. Some are good people. [SIZE=1]But in the meantime tia bidii.[/SIZE]

Sijasoma, lakini nimesikia:D

My main goal is to smash her overall view of men. Not all are animals.

Then do it by showing her what your girlfriends eat. You and I know hawezani na mapishi kama camel balls. Though she knows far much more than she shows us on KT. But she’s just in love with an idea.