so PRO GAS wants to render me jobless

this company wants to eliminate us middlemen . kuna circular rotating eti they now want to start selling directly to the consumer … n eliminate us the middle men …like seriously is this possible coz this is unfair business competition to other gas companies

Market share ni bwaku

Tosheka na yenye umekula and diversify. Anza kuuza bangi

Kama kuna watu I hate in this world ni brokers. They are making prices of products unnecessary high.

In liberal market such as Kenya, hakuna cha unfair competition. Adapt of get out of the way. In fact, middlemen are just greedy buffoons who push the prices of commodities high, [SIZE=1]even though they help get those products at our nearest locations. [/SIZE]

Middlemen wanamalisa wakulima.

Simpendi huyo mhindi lakini if it means affordable gas then am all for it.

Mbona wewe huuzi gas pekee unapatia jamaa mwingine squad ya delivery?

Ingia SeaGas endea refll na pickup na ukulie mia mia

they’re unnecessary evil, they exist in all sectors, finders fee is a must, shida ni when they curtail freedom of seller and buyer and use violence as away of forcing guys to use their services, kuna mahali huku kiambu you can’t buy land from the owner directly, hata owner atakutuma tu kwa agent fulani.

Alafu niliona wameinvade adi kwa housing. You cannot look for houses in peace. You have to pay sijui agent fees. Wengine wako hadi na viewing fees. Men, this crap is just so lame

Nyi wote mko against brokers hadi mkue hio position

Midro men washaftiwe sana.

I’m sure wanataka just the juiciest locations. Huko Kayole kwenu watakuwachia, usijali

Wewe si mwenye Pro-Gas sasa shida iko wapi? Plan B buda

Maliza hizi middle men kasia kabisa.

Mimi sitambui pro gas ya wahindi. I just use K-Gas or Total

ile gas iko kwa mtungi ni standard. hakuna moja ina advantage kuliko ingine.