So @old manki, u pity this kids....see this!!

Yesterday i posted a thread discussing about teens aged btwn 14-16 engaged in crime (gun related crime)—old monk saw it appropriate 2 deactivate that thread since according 2 him i was exposing a minor What he did/does not know is that when these minors get 2 u they will kill u / murder u bila huruma. Look at this small boy…below…looks innocent, ask yrself why police shot him…go to his FB wall and see the real him b4 his death-

We dont need 2 hide frm reality u zoo monkey escapee old monk–wakenya need 2 be told ukweli…hawa ma cerelac kids are the same pple who will kill yr parents, your brothers, sisters and relatives and feel nuthin about it the next day…wataetenda jam session and celebrate. This kid below had the audacity to involve himself in a shoot out with cops when he was cornered during a robbery…his budz had escaped…akajifanya rambo…he even shot one cop on the leg…Old monkey kazi kwako…shika ndizi–alafu toi calls himself 'Bullet sita ocampo<—TF kinda name is tht…like seriously
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I lkt this


What nonsense, so they profess to believe in JAH once they are gunned down for their crimes, a boy man reaps what a man sows.What about the family of the people he gunned down, isn’t JAH also concerned about their innocent lives and the blood in his hands.


Honestly I don’t feel for this kids. Wakule mbegu bila huruma.


Follow up on dat small boy in school uniform u seem 2 care much hold up…i will do a follow up…u will be shocked!!!

Ask yrself this, which parent can allow his toi to put such meno??? wacha hata hio…shule gani ama mwalimu mwigani anaubali kufunza mwanafunzi ana meno ya silver kama makanga na waizi? lastly do u know hw much it costs to weka such meno??? and his school sweater was torn meaning ni wasotoo…

kufa ghasia hawa ndio wana hangaisha watu mtaa

Sasa kisungu na kiswahili sikikulemea sote, si uandike ukuyu tu tutaelewa na pia tutatranslate kwa niaba ya oldmonkey

No mercy for these niggas. Whoever has lost a loved one to this nonsense or has been robbed at gun point by these ‘young boys’ knows what @This is Gold is writing about.


These young thugs never hesitate to shoot

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fuck him…may he rot in hell

TWO days prior to his death he (Bullet Sita Ocampo)wrote this in honor of his partner in crime named F.Macheda who was also gunned down recently. My intel tells me that sikuhizi police wako FB using incognito handles. They trail these niggas in FB na hao ndo ujipeana FB. They are so vulnerable these tois. Ni wajinga sana. My intel tells me ukitaka kuwa fish out go to groups like D.F.U or Reggae club groups…utawapata in plenty some even bragging how they angukiad comitting a robbery and that they will chafua the coming sunday jam session promising fans and friends online that they will buy them miraa and alcohol hio sunday.


This is Gold = Thirdman…


This is gold.

maybe old monk ni uncle yake

“Wasoti”. the word is “Wasoti”.

These kids think very highly of themselves. The society has seen much tougher and more intelligent people of their trade, and not many have survived.