So Ktalkers, what does financial freedom mean to you?
Does it mean buying anything you want regardless of how much it cost?
Does it mean spending your days in ways that enrich and empower you instead of being at the beck and call of an employer?

Is there anyone in the world who wouldn’t agree that the dream to be financially free is a universally desired goal?

But how does one create and maintain this sought after state of financial freedom.

Surely, it is not by working hard at a job. We’ve all heard the grim statistics of people working hard, only to end up old and very poor.

Having a job is not a secure method to achieve your desire to be financially free!
Many employees, from clerks to CEO’s have found themselves unceremoniously dumped from jobs they thought were secure.
Even employees who are lucky enough or maybe foolish to hang on into retirement, working for someone else, are finding that the pension that they counted on is insufficient to cover their hoped for and deserved life of ease.

Taking an informed, involved and hands on role in your finances is the only way to be financially free.
No one else can be as passionate about your financial goals, dreams and desires as you are.
Others may or may not share your commitment to achieve your financial independence, however, that does not reduce your responsibility to make every attempt to achieve it.

Very often, when I talk to family and friends about money and how freeing it is to have enough to live a self-directed life, there is always one person who will say, “money is not that important” or “money can’t buy happiness”.
Of course it’s true that money cannot buy happiness, nothing can, for happiness is a state of mind that you choose for yourself, regardless of circumstances or the attitudes of others.
And money IS important for the things that money CAN do, such as good schools for your children, spending your time how you choose, supporting charities and so much more.

So, how do you achieve financial freedom?
Acknowledge and accept that whatever financial state you are in presently is a result of the actions you have taken up to that point in your life.
Then decide that you want to create a brighter, more secure financial future for yourself and those who depend on you.

Do an in-depth financial analysis beginning with your credit rating.
If your rating is not a good one or you don’t yet have a credit history, begin the process of restoring or establish one.
Excellent or even just good credit will be your solid foundation on which you will build your financial freedom.
After addressing your credit score the next step will be to learn about wealth creation tools and strategies.
Get help with this step by leveraging the knowledge of a trusted team of financial planners.
Enjoying a life of financial freedom need not remain just a distant dream.
Get passionate about your desire to build wealth, make a new plan and take well-advised actions.

Create a new plan and achieve your goals.

I hope this article gives you that little extra push you needed to get you started. lets talk


Money allows you to get what you want, be where you want, and make things you desire happen. being able to get where you want with things is happiness.
To some good extent, money=happiness. There are a few things money cant buy, but poverty cant buy either. I am not a rich person but i dont live in denial.

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You cant serve two masters.the pursuit of wealth is a hard master.

being decisive and able to afford wot u desire.