So Koki (the lawyer murdered by a Nigerian guy) was married!

I have just seen her obituary in today’s The Standard that she was married to a fellow lawyer and that she will indeed be buried at the home of the husband? Why was the husband not mentioned anywhere in this drama? Does it mean they were divorced or that the Nigerian went to her marital home? The lawyer and her husband were partners in their law firm: [ATTACH=full]346007[/ATTACH]

Kunguru hafugiki

weka obituary hapa tushambue priss


Wacha anyurie apeleke umalaya ukoooooo-------------------------------------------->>>>

Koki Musyoki is a Kamba name. Ni shida ya comprehenshen ama unatuambia you’re a Gikuyu lawyer?

Grammar… I meant fellow lawyer who is Gikuyu… Koki is Kamba, husband Thiong’o is Kikuyu…

Most likely their marriage was too toxic until they separated. I’m sure even the husband was with someone else or others as well. Now burial at husband home is also because maybe for the kids and because they didn’t divorce. Anyway I don’t know them and this is just my guess.

Looks like they parted amicably. Lakini wasichana tujichunge sana about dating these foreigners residing in Kenya. Most are on the run from other countries. Kama huyu hata hajulikani if ni Mnaija or a Congolese.

Kuna ule amekarangwa juzi na boifrend yake after afungwe kwa kitanda akifikiria ni kinky sieks inamuok. Chali alimseti nare

Yani ukienda ocha utakuwa unaona kaburi ya kunguru apo nyuma ya keja. Ai mi siwezi kubali hii story

Alafu waseme ati hurumia single mothers… NEVER!! Wajiheshimu kwanza.Pengine the naija guy is the cause their separation

Most probably, and you know Naija and Jang’o guys are professor in the lies game towards women!

Wacha hata hio,alinyanduliwa nje kabla anyurie na hakupewa slices. Mi ka yeye namueka inje ya fence. Hizi mila zinarudisha watu nyuma. Wangezika yeye langata

Maze …but you just do it for the kids

whats the obsession with Ruos anyway?

inaweza fanya mtu ata akose kuenda ocha entirely juu ya aibu na stress

She has been promoted to glory.
Maybe 72 Ogas are already with her right now as we speak.

Are you trying to say that the kids don’t know what a kunguru looks like?
Do they need thermal images in order to identify one??

She will be buried at ‘miti mingi’ naikuru:eek::D:D Finally she will get what she was looking for in them naijoes

So many things at play. They were separated but not legally divorced. Insurance claims, Spousal benefits and inheritance but the jamaa was definitely on top of another ikus, as “wife” was being killed by batoto ba congo.
I can imagine how short that ceremony will be and I bet only drinking water will be served.