So, in Kenya we’ve got a total of 774 nominated MCAs….truly this constitution is a job manufacturing

I fully support this: the total number of MCAs in Kenya should be reduced by half. This is according to a recommendation by a team mandated to review the effects of the constitution on public finances. How I wish this recommendation can be adopted.

I never knew that in Kenya we’ve got a whole bunch of 774 nominated MCAs in order to fulfil the requirements of that nonsensical two-third gender principle. 774 nominated ‘mini-pigs’ just sitting down, doing nothing!! Of course I suspect most of these nominated MCAs are women. My question is: how are women on the ground benefiting from these so called nominated councillors?

Just cut down those MCAs to half and forget about this nonsense called gender rule. How can the so called two-third principle work when it comes to elective positions? Unless, of course, they designate some constituencies and counties that should be led exclusively by women.

Women should understand this: the so called nominated officials who are purportedly fighting for your ‘rights’ are nothing more than buccaneers riding on the waves of gender equality in order to satiate their own greed. We’ve got so many constituencies that have been led by women. Go into those constituencies and tell me how women have gained by having one of their own as an MP.

Can any man here tell me how he has ever gained just because he is represented by a male MP?

Can any man here tell me how he got a job just because he was male?

And how comes women claim they are equal, or even better, than men yet they want to have preferential treatment?

If you claim that you’re a better fighter than Mayweather, stop demanding that he fights you with only one hand!

If women have better brains than men(as they are claiming nowadays) they should stop demanding special preferences.

I must thank the first lady because she seems not to be very keen about this gender equality BS. I wonder the kind of sludge we would have to stomach if we had a first lady whose background is rich with these gender equality facades.


Karl Marx umenena. This special formula for two third gender bla bla will just waste taxpayers money. We had better female debaters in the past who were very vocal on national issues like Martha Karua, Phoebe Asiyo, Ngilu, etc. and current female legislators cannot match up. Kwanza, have you heard the so called women representatives contribute anything meaningful that will push this country ahead?

Horrible constitution. Absolutely horrible

And here is where I fault, Raila, Cord and the governors push to change the Constitution, they never identify issues like this that impact directly on the lives of Kenyans. All they clamor about is more money to the counties (most of which ends up in a selected few’s pockets) and clauses that increase their chances in elections. All utter bullcrap.

Firstly some positions should be done away with. Women reps, nominated MPs’ senators etc. The gender rule also should not be used to give women free seats because hii inaleta tu shida mob.

they did promise more jobs

We should do away with nominations kabisa.

Gender 2/3 rule is nonsense and should not have seen the light of day. The Margaret Thatchers , the Martha Karuas, the Hillary Clintons and Angela Merkels of this world did not reach where
they are are because of gender rules…Women …If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.o_Oo_O


point of correction about if I got a job coz I’m a man, yes, in the technical field, if a man and woman attend an interview with equal qualifications, the man will be chosen 9 times out of ten.
That said, nominated positions and women rep. positions should be abolished. Look at the case of Birdi, she was nominated on grounds that urp got campaign funding, once she got in the house, she reps. the guys who donated the money, not mwanainchi

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Yes. These nominations are a cash hole and should come to an impromptu end. This 2/3 gender rule will only bloat the number of suckers sitting in those houses doing nothing. Why can’t those clamouring for this gender rule wait till 2017 and contend for the positions of governance they want? Meanwhile, the constitution should be amended to state that No preferential treatment is to be given to a person because of their gender. They should convince people to elect them.

Weka link ama ripoti ya hiyo “team” hapa ama hiyo rumbling yako ni hadithi za afu lela ulela.

Yeah. Those who donatedthe money and those who nominated her. The thing is, power is never given. If I give you “power”, You owe me, I own you. you are simply my puppet.

Haha ha ha ha ha! Now you idiots are starting to realise what you passed, the nonsense drafted by the socalled experts.

When Ndauwo and I opposed the trash back in 2010 in klist we were attacked like rabid dogs. Lakini the FACT IS THE KATIBA IS A SLOW-PUNCTURE DISASTER FOR KENYA.

My suggestion is that we should have a referendum to revert to the old Katiba. Otherwise we will soon have the same number of Mpigs as the US (pop. 340 million!) in addition to Mpiglets at the County level.

In addition, we will continue to have dysfunction in the security sector, abortion and homosexuality will soon be legal (remember all international treaties we have ratified are local laws!), the judges will continue to stop all development for whatever reason a madman goes to court for, al Shabaaab and assorted murderers will continue to enjoy bail so they can flee to Somalia, we will have the power to admit refugees but not to kick them out even when they kill us, governors will continue to buy cars for their mpangos and assorted cronies with your money with impunity as kids go hungry…I could go on and on.

Just how socalled intelligent people could have voted for such shit is beyond me and Ndauwo.


Boss when you opposed it back then these were not the points that you raised…you are equally as “surprised” as those that supported it but trust you to play the “i told u card” for
self gratification.

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This mess is the work of Kibaki and Raila