So I'm trying out some cocktail recipies on the Internet..

But I don’t get most of the ingredients and equipment needed…

For example, do I need a ‘cocktail shaker’, si an old bottle of something can do…

Any pointers to resources that can give a gentle introduction to a kenyan-talker like me…?

Let me add…, alcohol cocktails, not those funny drugs some people inject/smoke etc…

do you mean from the internet?

Yeah, from/on/whatever… I forget this ‘propositions’ we were drilled on in prima…

This is a craft you need to invest in some equipment as well as time.are you ready for that or youre just playing around.

pengine preposition…sasa niite grammar Natzi

I told you people I forgot this stuff…

Weka mbisha ya ingredients and equipments, otherwise: Hekaya!!

I just need some simple ones I can start with… from my research, they started out simple, but became more more sophisticated over time… I also want to start simple…

Simple ones like mojitos, long islands and vodka based ones rarely require equipment. But at least nunua shaker and a blender for the more advanced ones.

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Get vodka,tequila,whisky,liqueur and juice. You got a million of those.

Mzee, plural ya equipment ni… drum rolls…cymbals crash!


Daiquiri cocktails are the easiest to make… no equipment required… just the ingredients. Start here.

Oh! Thanks for the correction. Now I know. Unajua sikumaliza primary school hence the confusion

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