So I'm looking for a ....

wife. A virtuous lady. Beautiful on the outside, but most importantly on the inside.

Very busy at work most of the time, and when I add gym to that, I have very little time for social events etc…

And at church I switch to spiritual mode, to get nourishment and re-fuel for the coming week, so not at all in a mood to katia ladies then.

Any useful tips from k-talkers on how to crack this…?

Ask your aunt to deliver to you a stupid village girl. That’s the only one who can stand your level of bullshit.


You could try living. What you’ve described here looks like existing

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hmm… okay let me think more about this …(level of bullshit)…

Check OLX for a mannequin.


try the gym.aerobics section

just use your imagination and you’ll ‘find’[ATTACH=full]10371[/ATTACH] her


I’m a reductionist by nature… reducing to the most essential components… So I guess ‘living’ would mean doing more random stuff… even if at the expense of some of the things I focus on now…

Sounds interesting, but if doing so, I find a lady, who’s also ‘random’, how can I guarantee that it will b a lasting marriage, you know with the breakdown in family values, in current society, I’d like to optimize for a lasting marriage, n family… how it was meant to from the beginning…

Let me also think about this more as well…

Kwa hivyo between Church service upto gate ya hio church huwa unaenda ume switch on hio spiritual mode usione watu? Ama unachomokaga teke teke usisalimie watu mahubiri isipotee kwa kichwa? Mbwa wewe.


Shemale@Nefertities kuna mtu anatafuta bwana


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Let’s pause and reflect on its greatness. hata imeandikwa “mafuta ya kujikamua”

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na wewe umepata?lakini hata mashoga wako kama wewe ni wa hiyo side

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Take a risk you’ll be surprised how many good girls are still out there.

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FP,uko wapi usaidie hii toast.First I think he needs some lessons.:wink: Those ones.

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You mean you don’t want one that would tell you this when you are down?


He he heh real tears. Saidieni hii jamaa na bibi.

Hast thou prayed about it?

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I’m right here baby!

All I hear is, ‘go out there, meet people’ Fanya hivyo utapata hata wanne ukitaka.