So H.E the Head of State awarded HSC to Alshaitan?

If these are the kind of people we are charging for terrorism then the real terrorists will keep hitting you hard,

How now? CNN was getting their information about Westgate attack from ALai

Waachane na hii nugu Alai…I like the guy…his not afraid… Let him be.

Robert Alai is one sneaky fellow.

they have a reason for claiming that. wacheni ku judge haraka

Unataka kuruka activist wetu wakati he needs us most?

Am not gatheca so hakuna kitu naweza fanya.

Could be the guy got himself some information that could compromise some people, so they use the terrorist charge to frustrate him.
As we know terrorism charges are very open, and available for misuse. Anyone can be picked up and detained randomly on suspicion of terrorism.

Alai has maintained his activism and unpredictability, so whatever he did is not out of character. The gaament is just pissed coz he was given a substantial amount of money, and they assumed they had bought him. This is punishment for falling out of line.

The only activist I recognize is Bwana Okiya O.

his only issue was posting images of dead cops being bundled in a vehicle like criminals. no body bags no proper treatment, yet they were at the frrontline.
mutyambai na ujinga zake rather than take up the challenge, arrested the challenger. myopic.

There are unverified reports that Robert Alai declined his HSC around April 2018.

have you ever been a soldier? a soldier should not be treated like a sissy ,when he is alive or dead, train hard fight easy, ukianguka Kwa cliff while in the line of duty kaburi yako ni hapo.,they don’t train them as they used to do,. Zama zetu Kama colleagues Wetu wangeulia we didn’t grieve but we planned how we could revenge

Thts not true. Read Customary International Humanitarian Law. Even dead alshabaab fighters are disposed off with dignity, according to IHL

my fren hata stretcher ya kubeba mwili surely! badala ya kuwatupa kama wezi wa kawaida…hapo zi. you treat mtu vibaya in life and death? somethign has to give…