So Daddy Owen aliachiwa watoto wake

Kusema kweli what men can do women can do better. Mama Shikwekwe aliachia Daddy Owen’s Shirandula his 2 kids and is now expecting a Maina junior. Word on Udaku Zones is that parents didn’t want her married to a hiti ya rogoro, she now has full blessings from parents after hitting the jackpot of Gilgil. Ladies be listening to your parents please. What an elder sees sitting wewe huwezi ona hata ukiwa juu ya Mt. Kenya. Nothing like a hungry, sex crazy and broke man to bring a woman back to her senses. Anyway congratulations to the new owner.

Makosa ya Owen ilikuwa kuoa kunguru tena singo matha

Kwani she was a single mother tena? I thought she was a virgin. Anyway lunjez hupenda experience so being a single mother is an added experience.

Eti virgin?Upate wapi Nairobi hii?..all the church gals I have sampled none was a virgin yet I strictly do 18-23 years

Hiti ya rogoro ni nini?

We are waiting for a cataclysmic event like marriage or death. Like wale 10 virgins in the Bible. They were indoors not out where you might easily find them.

The woman and other women thinking she won are generally fools
Like you’ve been told here:

She needs to prepare to join the list of single mothers very soon once the thrill of kukula bibi ya mtu imeisha.

Too bad women, just like Betty Kyalo think a rich man will marry them yet he was just looking for sex

Fisi ya kutoka Western… Used disparagingly

Leave this bitch alone. She is very offensive. I find these things very offensive, it is exceedingly abusive.

Lemmie get this right…si your wife left juzi after you discovered she was dishing outside the union? so when did you meet this harem of 18-23 y/o ama you were also in the game?

My only concern ni tycoon achoke then she comes back weeping to daddy owen nae amkubali

Revisit the story. I met her at 19…before I met her I had sampled enough 18-23 year olds …Now I long .moved on from that whore and I am with a 21 year old church gal kitu very tight…my taste has never changed

Oki sasawa. So what will happen if you marry again and the wife ages as is nature or what would have happened if your ex had stayed on and age catches up?
I still don’t think you have overcome her yet from your numerous posts here. And I am not saying it is wrong, good to let it all out.

Tycoon atachoka v soon that is for sure. 2 things likely to happen are: tycoon could ditch her and she should not blame anyone if this happens or tycoon will add on a younger childless 1b and she will have no grounds to complain. Owen could take her back but it will be a life of misery going forward.
In short she has imprisoned herself further. Oh and the poor kids…

Lakini ndugu zangu waluhya sijui walikorogewa Nini na wasichana ya central.sijawai ona kairetu akiolewa na mluhya ama mjaluo maskini.

The biggest loss is having a grown man in the house yet you are paying bills you would not even pay if you were a single woman. Lemme tell you with the caliber of men we have, single Moms are winning. You get child support, free time when it’s the dad taking the kid, plus the freedom single women enjoy, no that ukoloni in marriage where women are at the mercy of their husband. You have to ask permission to even go to the loo. It’s only that I fear God bure hata mimi ningetafuta a well to do guy with regular income that can be checked off at child court b4 he gets his pay check and then when he gets the kid like saa hii December, I plan for my holiday unencumbered with responsibility of child care. It’s the best of both worlds but mbiguni ni forever so lemme sacrifice for now, I am allergic to smoke sitawesana na moto za shaito.

BTW Betty ako poa than when she was with Okari and vice versa. Even you if Jojo approached your wife, you think she will refuse? Then you don’t know anything about women. Ni vile hakuna mtu wa maana ameapproach your dear wife. So as you judge this ladies, you know your wife has only lacked opportunity bure she’s even worse than these women. We know your angel wives and the kind of debauchery that they are involved in especially at the work place. Take it from me, they’re no angels when money, power and prestige is involved. The only thing that stops people is fear of God bure nobody can resist these temptation unless God strengthens you.


Not gonna lie… You sound like a female incel.
I hope you find happiness.
But for now, I should let you know you are living a lie.

Hiyo ni lazima. Now that Daddy Owen’s star has dimmed and he has the baggage of being a divorcee with two kids, his days of bagging prime pussy are over for the foreseeable future. Ataona tu hiyo rangi ya thao ikimrudia kama amekunja mkia atakubali tu because he’ll not be getting another one of that caliber any time soon.