So close to having, yet very far

I have never stopped asking myself why we didn’t do it.

I was just about three months in Nairobi, Kibera slums, waiting to start some jobo, when one girl was making noise in our neighbourhood at around mid night, yaani karibu usiku wa manane. A man had chased her away from his one-roomed crib in the slums for refusing to give him slices in exchange of his kindness. It was risky for a girl to walk at night during those days in the slums.

So I decided to play a Good Samaritan and offer her accommodation, now that my uncle, who was a ‘soja’, had gone to work at night – and dry-spell was my middle name, seeing that I had not fucked a girl almost 5 months before coming to Nairobi. She agreed and we decided to share the bed. My uncle’s bed was out of bounds.

Seeing this as an opportunity worth being exploited, I started touching her, after consoling myself that there was no way she was going to deny me sex. After all, I had saved her from the man who wanted to rape her. She resisted but silently –she was too diplomatic in denying me sex. She never even removed her clothes. Not even a kiss was on offer.

To be sure, she told me we would do it the following day. As I was seeing her off to tao in the morning, she gave me a date the following weekend. We were to meet near GPO. We didn’t have cellphones then.

I went and waited. To date, I am still waiting for her. I was almost having it but the gods of dry-spell appeared to have different ideas.

:D:D:D the girl was already scared. You expected her to just panua miguu after her earlier e counter?

Aah,which girl jumps out from the hot sufuria into a mawe tatu? Alikua ananyesha nikidhani:D:D

Turdmean please give me rights to remove this type of half baked chieth hekayas with immediate effect and send the owner to Siberia til further notice

You people have hekayas do distasteful… Mahn.

never save those devils waku nyima elders kuma. huwa tunawafurusha saa nane usiku

Hi kujidai good samaritan can be very thankless. Back in my simping and thirsty days kuna day nimeenda club flani karibu na home kuona ball na kumumunya vitu zangu kwa VIP lounge. Kulikuwa kumejaa initially but as the night progressed, hapo VIP watu walianza kujitoa moja moja na warembo wao. Opposite kuna jamaa alikuwa na a light skinned thing who looked very bored as her ‘man’ was on the dance floor ka ameshikilia beer yake mkononi. Occassionally, he would force the chic to stand and dance with him. Alikuwa anamkumbatia from behind but body language ya dem suggested she wasn’t enjoying it. So time progressed ulevi ikizidi kushika watu. All of a sudden huyo dem came closer akaanza zile za “you look like I can trust you. Unaeza nisaidia na fare nifike nyumbani coz I have an eleven year old kid na nilimuacha peke yake.” Nikamuuliza “but you have a man why would I do that?” Akajibu “huyu jamaa is a buddy to my boss na ni kama boss wangu alikuwa anajaribu kumpiga thru pass apite na mimi but am not feeling him.” I can say she looked younger than me na kalikuwa mrembo kiasi yake. Her English was also way above average and she could hold a meaningful conversation. Nikamsho she sounds believable may be tunaeza enda room next aniambie full story away from huyo jamaa. Akakubali and I ordered her drink and mine niskie kipindi chake. I started thinking with my johnson nikaanza kuchora vile naeza teka hio kitu nikaikanyage kejani then nimchuje morning. Story zili bamba na nikamuambia its late and since the neighbourhood where she lived is known to be dangerous, it would be safe she spends in my place then aende kwake morning. Alikubali nikajua by morning nitakua nimejizz kitu iko. So tulienda hadi mtaani na since it was a 1 bedroomed house, we spent together kwa bed yangu. Bitch alilala na manguo wadau. Kujaribu kumpapasa anipanulie akadai ningoje asubuhi ‘you will fuck me.’ Ivo ndio vile nilibleki nyang’au ikaniamsha kitu 6.30am nimfungulie gate aende. Didn’t bring up story ya kumnyandua and complied. Nilimpeleka hadi stage na nikabaki na blue balls zangu. Toka hio siku niliapa kutokuwa good samaritan tena. Having been a victim of mchele before, naeza sema ilikuwa ni bahati coz angekuwa ni pishori babe angenipanguza kila kitu kwa nyumba.